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Dungeon Pirates Online (Official Open October 30th)

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Hello everyone!


Official Opening October 30th

Website: http://dungeon-pirates.online/

Discord: https://discord.gg/N4vcJMk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dungeonpiratesonline/


Medium <--> PK

Character Max Level: Lv 100

Gems Level Capped at: Lv 5
Fairy Max Level: Lv 71

Server Rates:
Drop Rate -> 8x
Leveling -> Instant
 Fairy-Growth -> 500x


Gems in game: Azrael, Chipped, Unique, Advanced, Jades, Refining, Necklace, Ring Gems

Current Mazes Every 4 hours: Chaos Argent, Bounty Hunter, Demonic World, Forsaken City, Dark Swamp









Some Features & Mods:


⚔️Offline Stall⚔️

⚔️Colored Character Names⚔️

⚔️Colored Guild Names⚔️

⚔️New Apparels⚔️

⚔️Skill Countdown mod⚔️

⚔️Automated Daily Scramble Word Event⚔️

⚔️Guild Bank System⚔️

⚔️New HP Skin⚔️

⚔️Amps Icons Effects under Head⚔️

⚔️New Buffs Skin⚔️

⚔️Improved PK to Red and Green Teams⚔️

⚔️New Character Walking Action⚔️

⚔️New Pets⚔️



This is just a few of them, a lot of more features you'll see after you start playing!



See you in game!

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Dungeon Pirates Online Official Version Will be Opened 2019.10.30 20:00PM Server Time‼️ Don't miss it 🔥🔥


Discord: https://discord.gg/N4vcJMk
Site: http://dungeon-pirates.online/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dungeonpiratesonline/



Timer till official version:


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