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Hello guys! :bye:

I don't know if you already know me but I am Satan, i was staff of  these games that u may played before: Lost Paradise Online, Pirate War Online, Eclipse Online and Pirate Island Online.

I'm also an old member of this great community.


I'm here to show you some of my work for the game and if you are interested in any of them or anything you want to do (Lua Scripting), feel free to contact me.

Completed Addons:


Pirate Island Online Server Files:

This server files was developed by a request a customer ask me for, i was one of the staff members and got total permission and agreement of the owner of the features which was made for it.


The Server Files includes:

  • Clean Databases for SQL 2008;
  • Query for Databases
  • Server Files exes and cfgs;
  • Custom Server Launcher;
  • LuaSQL.dll;
  • Custom Bin Compiler;
  • FilterServer v2.2;
  • XeroShop (IGS);
  • Anti DDoS Guardian 3.3 Cracked;
  • SQL Password Generator;
  • Client Files;


Common Features:

  • Very organizated archives and scripts;
  • Dream City PK
  • In-game Shop - IGS;
  • LuaSQL.dll;
  • OfflineStall();
  • AfterEnterGame(role);
  • server_timer();
  • player_timer();
  • GetGameServerName();
  • GetChaTempBagItem() + Belt, Handguard and Bracelets for temporary bag;
  • GetPlayerByID;
  • SafeBuyGuild();
  • SafeSaleGuild();
  • SetLock(role);
  • GetItemQuantity(role, slot);
  • SQL Injection[];
  • WPE/RPE Protection[];
  • Ping Fix[];
  • Colored Nicknames with necklaces;
  • Player Level display near their name;
  • In-game Database;
  • GM Tools, using userdata and &Lua command;
  • Functionally Antidupe;
  • Cached common .txt files as like: CharacterInfo, ItemInfo, StoneInfo, MapInfo, SkillInfo, Skilleff;


There's a link which contais a PDF file with more features and information and a Youtube channel with some videos about the game:


Pirate Island Online - Overview


Pirate Island Online - Youtube Channel


There are lot more that i didn't mention in that file cause it will take what? almost whole day to write and i forget most things i made before also, omg :sad:...


Price: $70.


Other completed requests:


Payment Method:

  • Paypal
  • Other brazilian payment method :lol:.




Thank for your time ,

Satan ❤️!

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Hello all :bye:!

I'm still providing services and requests, feel free to contact me.


That the last request i was been working on:


[Capture The Flag]:

Note: All credits for this system and idea goes to https://pirategames.online/, what i did was just scripting the system.

Map idea: https://forum.pirategames.online/index.php?threads/capture-the-flag-ctf.31/


Capture The Flag - Preview


- Balanced PK map, doesn't matter player equipment or class all will have same attributes.

- Only for players Lv45+ and who has done 2nd job advancement.

- Map opens every 24h (05:00PM), and the battle last for 20 minutes.

- After joining the battle thoguht the NPC, players will teleport to a Lobby which where they should wait 5 minutes or it reach at least 50 active players to get inside the Capture The Flag.

- The NPC which allows u to join battle is located near Argent City Fountain.

- The team who get 100 points first will win the battle and map will close in 20 seconds.

- Carrier the flag to enemy team will provide you 10 points, carrier the flag to your base will provide you 5 points.

- Killing players from the enemy team has 25% chance to grant 1 point to ur team.

- Just a flag can be activated by time, when it has been carried to enemy team base or ur base it will spawn back at middle of map.

- After disconnect in battle you will return to ur last spawn point, from that time you have 2 minutes to return back to battle thought the NPC, otherwise nevermore.

- After die inside map and click revive you will return to ur base (requires GetChaRespawnPoint(role) in GameServer.exe).

- Each base has a NPC where players can heal and see statistics from the battle as like: team score and remaining time to end battle.

- Winning team will receive a random reward.

- All map functions, rewards, time, etc, can be easily configured thought a .lua file.


[Server Files]:

Due to many requests from customers which where they said files are too much expansive, decided to lower it to half of price. So, it now costs u $70.


That's all for now, thank for your attention :morning1:.


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[Daily Reward NPC]:



Item Reward and Talk Configuration


- System was made for Corsairs Online Server Files and uses DataFile, as well i can done that with Table Serialization also for other files.
- It's a NPC which where players can take rewards daily, once a time per day only.
- Each day of the week player will obtain certain reward.
- If player collect reward all days of the week, he will obtain special reward on sunday.
- Item Rewards can be easily configured thought a table.
- NPC talks can be easily configured thought a table.
- Alts cannot take daily rewards (MAC/IP Verification).


On 10/9/2019 at 2:17 PM, Satan said:

VIP System: Attribute bonuses, visual effect, rewards once being VIP, npc with FAQ and VIP Status


VIP Card, Item, Gold, Talks Configuration


- Rewrite the System using DataFile for Corsairs Online Server Files.

- When using the VIP Card player will receive: Item and gold rewards.

- Item and Gold rewards can be easily configured thought a table.

- Attribute bonuses can be easily configured thought a table to each VIP level.

- New card and their VIP Lv / Duration can be easily created, modified thought a table.

- Talks can be easily configured thought a table.

- NPC show information about: VIP Level, Start date, end date, days to VIP expire.


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[Darkness Forest]:



Brief Introduction:

  • This is a party time-attack map, your main goal is kill a set line of monsters in order to summon a BOSS and advance to the next island.
  • Upon entering the map with your party, the leader must activate it, so monsters will begin spaw and tick starts.
  • Each BOSS will grant rewards to all party members once being defeated, and your team will teleport to the next island after 10 seconds.
  • There's a total of 5 islands to complete the map.

[Glow Handler NPC]:

preview 1

preview 2


Brief Introduction:

  • Uses DataFile insteand Table Serialization to store player's glow.
  • Players can choose a visual effect (glow) to their character if wearing certain equipment.
  • There's a total of 8 glows by default, that's mean will require 8 lines from skilleff.txt
  • Glows no longer grant any attribute bonuses by default, just visual effect (glow).
  • A new set can be easily added thought an array.
  • Player must be wearing full set in order to be able to choose/change a glow.
  • You can enable/disable if the visual effect (glow) will be available if the equipment is fused.
  • Player cannot change to a glow that is already playing in the character.
  • No longer uses cha_timer to glow verification or adding the state in the character.
  • A new glow can be easily added in the NPC thought a table.
  • NPC talks can be easily modified thought an array.
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