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Age Of Pirates Online(pk server) official opening

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Ahoy pirates! 

Age of pirates's official opening is here's the count down for official opening:



-Max lvl:100
-Max Pet:51
25x solo
20x party
Drop 2x
Exp Fairy 400

Chaos Argent(Every 6hours)
Kings battleground(Every 4hours)
Death circle(Every 4hours)
Demonic world(Every 4 hours)
Dark swamp(Every 4 hours)
Forsaken city(Every 4 hours)
New unique map Wisdom City
Lone tower
Leveling maze

Advanced gems
Unique gems
Az gems
Great gems
Ring gems:
Gem of Swiftness=+10ms
Gem of Precision=+5hr
Gem of Wisdom=+5aspd
Gem of Evasion=+Dodge

Unseal seller:has all unseals 45-75 for gold
85 unseal weapons from Lonetower/voting
95 unseals from light/dark aurora bosses
Virgo hats from Ultimate lizard in wisdom isle
Kylin set can be obtained by farming 1k silver coupons from Fortune isle/Dark dimension.
Corp kylin in game requires 10 morph runes and 10b
Kylin stone in game requires 30b and 200 blue crystals that can be obtained from lonetower.
Bosses that drop Morph rune:
Ultimate Lizrard Barbie B1 B2 Black dragon Dark/Light aurora bosses.

Elder of fortune in argent 2194,2721 Gives you a storage pot and teleports you to mobs that you can kill and receive 300k coin for each kill
Demonic world mobs 1m each kill and Ref gems can be sold either to npc or players
Dark swamp mobs 800k each kill and ref gems
Forsaken city 600k each kill and ref gems
99x fairy coin=2m
999x fairy coin=20m
7x elven signet=2m
200k each 5 minutes for staying online.

Anti-Dupe/Anti-Bot system:
Unique system to prevent players to cheat in order to keep the game fair.
Change name system:
You can change your character's name anytime you want via our website.

Award center:
Useful items are obtainable from award center by credits points.




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