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Pipi Binero

[SELLING] FLYFF Holy Knights (Rev 3)

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Some people already got older versions of this files, however, this is the latest version. There are much things left to finish, so this files should not be used for a public server at all(many things wasn't defined at Versioncommon's too), except if someone is willing to finish and clear everything. Moreover there will be much things you probably want to copy to your server.

New Theme
Remaked v19 Theme with re-designed windows, Splash screen, fully working and fixed "Video-Background", new instant-access Buttons on the taskbar, etc. Theme is not fully finished.



Splash Screen; appears while starting the Client.

Login Screen; contains the camera-path video, which currently shows a random location at Azria - Fully fixed, also when relogging. Able to set the Map and location as usual. Buttons like "more info" should be removed or repositioned.

Server Selection; nothing special to say

Character Selection; old golden theme, wasn't updated to the new one yet. 


Character Creation; Also gold themed. Class-Selection available.

V19 Taskbar; usual v19 taskbar redesigned and rescaled, 9 different instant-access Buttons added, which allows the user to quickly reach important windows, like settings, teleporter, wiki, etc.





Inventory; rescaled and redesigned, includes extended preview, has 5 new slots for runes, a typical Perin convert and 3 instant-buy buttons.


There are many other golden styled windows, but there are PSD files and imagesets for the whole new theme, so it could be continued.

Some smaller thingy; Replaced Buffpang model with Celebi Model. 




Mount System
Fully working Mount System, no speed or crashbugs. Able to switch from walking to flying and backwards. Contains 70+ Mounts which are already added into the resource. Contains 150+ more Mounts, which are in the model folder and just need to be added to the resource.(mount.inc, propItem, etc.)





Rightclick on the mount and click "fly". It will instantly change into the fly-mode. Both walkspeed and flyspeed can be changed on mount.inc file.



Same goes for landing. Rightclick on the mount, click "walk".



Some more Screenshots:












Achievement System
Reworked honor-title system. Titles can give additional Stats and an icon appears above the players head. Fully editable at honorlist.txt.



Choose a title like usually. Hover over a title to see which stats it gives while wearing.

The icon for the title you are wearing will appear above the characters name. The name of the title itself will not be shown next to the characters name anymore.


Everything editable like before, just 2 more options to take.



A system which changes the way of getting Skills. You can make all or just some of the Skills only obtainable via the special Unlock-Item for each Skill. They can be upgraded once they are unlocked. New and redesigned Skills.



On this files, every Skill after the 2nd class needs to be unlocked via an item. All the items wasn't created yet on specItem, but they are ready to c&p from the first Unlock-Item.


The Skillbook contains different new Skills, also updated/new SFX and Sounds for older and newer Skills.



Contains also some more action-based Skills and tactic-based Skills. The Harlequin can pull every enemy in a big range to his position. This can be combinated with the new AOE-Skill of the Harlequin; a big flower, lasting for 30 seconds and slowing+attacking every enemy touching it.
There are many of those combinations, like these from Slayer:



image.png.a0302b1c78e38814532789be8e292d77.png sb.gif.a690789e31bf73090b38400c1df3834c.gif




image.png.9eeb7db8d08424d9659bedf04693479e.png os.gif.c912aea053b513a3f68b1c7f105f7918.gif

You can jump to the target, use the Omnikatana Storm and jump back while knockbacking the target. All new Skills are based on tactics and combos like this. The custom sounds and SFX are also included.
There are also some Fun-Skills, like Spiritbomb, Kamehameha, KI-Loading and Transmission, known from DBZ.


Simply the Ability to equip a whole Set of Armor with only 1 single Item, this overwrites fashion and normal armor and give additional stats(was supposed to give special Skills too in a new inventory slot). There are currently 3 different Warframe-Armors fully working.




Simply wear it and the players entire armor will change into the warframe's one, which replaces head, suit, gaunts and boots.

Those 3 Warframes are currently available:




Reworked PK-Fairy system, but not finished. It already includes Pokemon summoning and de-summoning, Evolving and giving Stats.




The Pokemon will be shown at the top of the screen, where you can click to unsummon it. Once your Pokemon is active, it will receive EXP with your character, just like the PK-Fairy's before. It will evolve once it reached 100%.


Shows an individual SFX of the Pokemon and also of the Pokeball. Walk animations are available, but not in the code yet.




Other things:
Just some other things i wanted to mention



- Based on french files, but many things are already translated to english.
- Fully working AES-Encryption, able to encrypt the whole Client if wanted.
- Improved speed of the Client, especially to start faster on multiclients, even if the "Login Video" is active.
- Rune System
- Droplist system
- Character trading, fully fixed.
- Pet Aura Changer
- Aura Changer
- Partyfinder
- Teleporter
- Modelviewer
- Colosseum
- Awakening Transfer
- Premium/VIP System
- Guild Colors
- Lottery
- Item-Linking
- Global Item-Wiki, also an ability for GM's and Staff to create items from there and/or send Items to other players.
- Worldboss System, with finished Worldboss(custom Model) and finished Worldboss-Skills, includes ranking system with rewards.
- Treasurebox system, fully fixed. Working with Serverwide-Shout if a player gets a rare item.
- Mini System Shout-Command, to use a smaller Shout for GM's in a different color an fonts.
- Rebirth System available, but not in use.
- PvP-Modes like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, TD, and more.
- 5000+ custom Models, including tons of Worldobjects, Monsters, Pets, NPC's, Mounts, Weapons, Fashion, etc.
- SFX Folder with thousands of new SFX and tons of unfinished CFlyff-SFX, which just need to match the textures.
- Some custom Maps, also a custom Madrigal/Flaris Continent which can be used if wanted.
- Many other things, like special Items, Skills, Monsters, etc and thinks that are not in my mind right now 

Message me for any offers or questions.

Skype: nojabmis (Just me!)

Discord: serverdev#9713




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