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Is ToP/PKO still worth trying?

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I am wondering if there is still a big community for this game going on.

I used to be in the private server making teams years ago, around 5-6 years back, when privatia was still a thing and old PKODev was around.



So, back to the question: is this game still worth investing time into?

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CONS: There are more servers than players. Game is old. Chances of success through time are really low.

PRO: Available source code, extensions. You could really make a difference in your server.


If you want money, there are other things you could do to get more. If you want learn the basics of gamedev and you have ToP nostalgia, then why not?

But still, if you're looking for something to invest your time, I'd suggest you to go learn programming or gamedev with Unity/Unreal.

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