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Dreamville Online

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Officially opened: June 1st, 2019.







*Server Rates*
Solo - 6x
Party - 5x
Drop - 2x + Custom
Fairy Growth - 100x
Fairy Exp - 5x

Player Max Level - 110
Fairy Max Level - 42


   Best Equipments:
     Unseal 65
     Lv60/65 Framestones
     Death Set/Weapons
    Lv60/75 Accessories/Lv85
    Progressive Helmet
    Unseal 95 Weapons & Set (No Hat)

   Custom Black Dragon Set/Weapons

Attribute Addons

 Mythic Pearl (Lv7 Max Evolved)
Rear Fairies
Mall Pets (Extra Stats & 1 Physical Resistance) [Upon Fairy Possession]

 Black Dragon stone (Allows players to keep BD effect when set is fused)


 Broken [Lv5]
 Cracked [Lv5]
 Chipped [Lv5]
 Unique [Lv3]
Azrael Undead (Only) [Lv3]
 Black Dragon [Lv2]
 Pearl [Lv2]
 Advanced [Lv3]


No Boats
 No Blueprints (Have custom)
 No Trees, No Meteorites
 No Blessed Potion
 No fairy stuff for gold
 No story quests
 Demonic World (Every 3 hours)
 Nightmare Icicle (Every 6 hours)
 Chaos Argent(Every 6 hours)
Black Dragon Lair 4 (Replacement of Abandon)
 Lonetower Timed
 Winter Island (Future)
 Dark Aurora (Future)
 Light Aurora (Future)

 No Forsaken City (For now)
 No Dark Swamp (For now)




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