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Sandy Beach Dungeon - Map

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System Name: Sandy Beach Dungeon (Map)

Hello guys!

Firstly, if you are a Pirates Online admin/gm/developer, let's make it clear that I am making these codes giving you due credit for creating something similar.




Sandy Beach Dungeon - v1.0 [Preview]



Sandy Beach Dungeon is a map where party must complete before the time given by the system ends.
Your main goal is to eliminate a certain amount of monsters to summon the boss on the map and thus complete the map and receive great rewards.
After entering the map together with your party the leader must activate the map so that the monsters appear and the time begins to count.
The monsters drop common items, and the boss will grant all members of the party a random reward upon being killed.



- Balanced character stats according to it's job configurable thought variables;

- Most common functions from map can be configured thought variables;

- Non-pk zone;

- Totally easy to understand and modify functions;

- Configurable ADS system to inform players remaining time to complete dungeon;

- Functionally map copies;



- Random monster quantity to party clear within map time limit;

- Spawn monster quantity according to monster kill number given;

- Remove solo players from map;

- Smart AI to BOSS;


Any suggestions welcome.

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Pretty damn neat neat!


I love how you were so rutinated and ran around to kill the monsters like you had done it a million times already xD

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