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Hello everyone!
Recently I started a discord server for the whole Tales of Pirates community, including players, developers and server owners.
We want it to make easy for players to find servers to play since there aren't many of those nowadays.
It's a place where players can meet other players, explore servers, vote for their favorite servers and join events!

Today we also launched our ToP Server Ranking system, since many ranking sites on the web are outdated.
This way players can see what the populair server choices are at the moment. Furthermore, my team also keeps an eye on the current servers available.
We promote servers for free to give them more exposure and give love to the smaller and upcoming servers too!
By doing this we hope to grow the ToP community and bring players and servers together.

If anyone is interested in joining the community here is the link: https://discord.gg/DQ3Kcwe 
I hope to see you guys around! 😊

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