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Balanced Pk Map

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Looking for someone who could help me to make balanced pk map
that's mean all the players will have same stats inside this map doesn't matter if he's gemmed or clean everyone will be with same stats

if someone can help me to do it pm me here or discord : MiniMan#9579

I can pay for the service thanks .

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Hi @MiniMan!


Q: How to make this work?
R: Simple, paste codes below at end of AttrCalculate.lua and call BalancedPkMap(role) at navtive function located at AttrCalculate.lua -> ExAttrSet(role) or use hooks.


Native function method
function ExAttrSet(role)

  if IsPlayer(role) == 1 then
    -- Some codes heres


Hooking method, must have Hook Library by Matt
Hook:AddPostHook("ExAttrSet", BalancedPkMap)


Note¹: I didn't tested that, but may work.


NewPlayerAttrSet = {}
NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute = {Max = {HP = 100, SP = 100}, Attack = {Min = 2000, Max = 2500, Speed = 250}, Defense = 500, Resist = 25, HitRate = 250, Dodge = 250, MoveSpeed = 600}

BalancedPkMap = function(Player)
	if GetChaMapName(Player) == "FarmMap" then
		if NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute ~= nil then
			local mf_final = Mf_final(Player)	
			local crt_final = Crt_final(Player)
			local hrec_final = Hrec_final(Player)
			local srec_final = Srec_final(Player)
			local adis_final = Adis_final(Player)
			SetCharaAttr(NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute.Max.HP, Player, ATTR_MXHP)
			SetCharaAttr(NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute.Max.SP, Player, ATTR_MXSP)
			SetCharaAttr(NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute.Attack.Min, Player, ATTR_MNATK)
			SetCharaAttr(NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute.Attack.Max, Player, ATTR_MXATK)
			SetCharaAttr(NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute.Defense, Player, ATTR_DEF )
			SetCharaAttr(NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute.Resist, Player, ATTR_PDEF) 
			SetCharaAttr(NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute.HitRate, Player, ATTR_HIT )
			SetCharaAttr(NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute.Dodge, Player, ATTR_FLEE)
			SetCharaAttr(mf_final, Player, ATTR_MF )
			SetCharaAttr(crt_final, Player, ATTR_CRT )
			SetCharaAttr(hrec_final, Player, ATTR_HREC )
			SetCharaAttr(srec_final, Player, ATTR_SREC )
			SetCharaAttr(adis_final, Player, ATTR_ADIS )
			SetCharaAttr(NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute.MoveSpeed, Player, ATTR_MSPD )
			SetCharaAttr(100000/NewPlayerAttrSet.Attribute.Attack.Speed, Player, ATTR_ASPD )	


Edited by Satan
Code fixing
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