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How to Change Birthplace

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On GroupServer.cfg, look at the [birth] section:

Argent City                = garner
Shaitan City            = magicsea
Icicle Castle            = darkblue


Player has 3 choices when creating a char. Those 3 refer to those entries above. garner/magicsea/darkblue are names of maps, and Argent City/Shaitan City/Icicle Castle (hardcoded) are the names of the spawn points in resource/script/birth/birth_conf.lua. If you change the map names, remember to have the spawn points named after those 3 spawn point names with the maps chosen in birth_conf.lua.


For example, I have server files that set all their spawn points to garner. So GroupServer.cfg [birth] section looks like this:

Argent City                = garner
Shaitan City            = garner
Icicle Castle            = garner


On birth_conf.lua, there are entries like these (I posted 1 of each, which is the bare minimum):

AddBirthPoint("Argent City", "garner",  2232, 2787)

AddBirthPoint("Shaitan City", "garner",  2245,  2703)

AddBirthPoint("Icicle Castle", "garner",  2245,  2703)
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