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how to change server name

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Hi, @LuciferMorningStar


If you are refering to the name thats show on the game client you need to edit your StringSet.bin, here goes a tutorial:

1. Download the StringSet.bin decrypter/decompile in this link: https://pkodev.net/index.php?/topic/1713-stringsetbin-decrypterdecompiler/
    "In the topic have a tutorial about how to use this tool"

2. After you have decompile your StringSet, open with Notepad++ or any other text editor you like and you will see something like this:



3. Now search for "[77]"  or search for the line "78" (without the quotation marks)

4. Change the texts thats is between the quotation marks:



5. Save the file then use any compile to compile the StringSet.bin

6. Replace the old StringSet.bin from your client with the new one

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4 minutes ago, LuciferMorningStar said:

i did change the icon but it didn't in that bar



2 minutes ago, LuciferMorningStar said:

and it didn't change too in the taskbar


Have you changed both icons??

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