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Dungeon Pirates Online - [Official]

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Dungeon Pirates Online


Register New Game Account /  Download Client / Use Luncher to update

Website: http://dungeon-pirates.online/
Discord: https://discord.gg/yXc23NV
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/dungeonpiratesonline
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dungeonpirates
Language of Owner: English


Server Info:

Current Max Level: 100
Pet Max Level: 100
Solo Exp Rate - 5x
Party Exp Rate - 10x
Drop Rate - 8x
Fairy Growth Rate - 250x

Main Maps:

Argent City
Shaitan City
Icicle City
Winter island

PK Mazes:

Forsaken City [100]
Dark Swamp [100]
Death Match [100]
Demonic World [100]
Bounty Pk [100]
Death Circle [100]
Chaos Argent [100]

Leveling System:

Normal Way, by Monsters Exp, Sand Bags.


Game Guide:


you can check on website when u login in account section u find a Game Guide or in Game GM helper he will answer to your question instantly anytime.

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[News] News in the world (DPO) 

[Monday, February 4, 2019]

Hello Pirates,

what is coming in the near future ?

News Dungeon Pirates Online
1. Award Center (Shop Zone) will be opened 6.2.2019
2. Double Exp Promotion Event comming this (Weekend ) 8.2.2019 - 10.2.2019
3. Hide & Seek Event this (Weekend) 9.2.2019 7:00 PM Server Time
4. New farm ways and items will be add this (Weekend) 9.2.2019 in morning 10:00 AM server time
5.Vote Promotion 50% Comming this (Weekend) 8.2.2019 - 10.2.2019 For Award Center Items

DPO Team

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[Events] Week Event Ceremony 

[Sunday, February 10, 2019]

Dungeon Pirates Online Events

Following Events:


1. Pirate Ranking NPC Event:

- The 1st / 2nd / 3rd players during this week 11.2.2019 - 15.2.2019 will be on the top ranking in Pirate Ranking NPC will obtain the reward.
* 1st = 1500 Credits + 30x Sand Bags lv5 + 50 ECV
* 2nd = 1000 Credits + 20x Sand Bags Lv5 + 30 ECV
* 3rd = 500 Credits + 20x Sand Bags Lv5 + 20 ECV

2. Hide & Seek Event:

- Hide a Seek Event will be in game in date 12.2.2019 (Thursday) in ( 10:00 PM Server Time )

3. Chaos Argent PK Event:

- Chaos Argent pk event will start in 15.2.2019 (Friday) in ( 8:00 PM Server Time )
- Rules about chaos argent pk event is which 3 players will be last in the chaos argent killed they will get reward after CA portal closed all pk items allowed
- You can team up with guild or friends
* 1st = 15 IMPs + 1000 Credits
* 2nd = 10 IMPs + 500 Credits
* 3rd = 5 IMPs + 300 Credits
Notice: the winners you will see in system notice after CA closed.

4. Video Server Event:

Duration: 11.2.2019 - 16.2.2019 - time to create video

- We are prepare a event for advertisment the server who will create the best video about effect, farming, pk, guide, bosses and more details we will chose from all choices and reward it.
* 1 st = 20 IMPs + 1000 Credits + 30 ECV

5. Summoning Bosses Event:

Duration: 14.2.2019 ( 8:00 PM Server Time )

- We will summoning random bosses around the argent city outside and you can kill them and get reward can team up or as guild

6. Stall Server Event:

Duration: 14.2.2019 ( 9:00 PM Server Time )

- We will make a stall event with a random items you can get for few golds.

DPO Team. Enjoy the Week Events

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[News] Server Updates / Item Mall / Events 

[Friday, February 15, 2019]

Hello Pirates,

We are finally done with new server updates and maintenance and Item Mall Grand Opening.

Item Mall:

[Duration: 15.2.2019 - 22.2.2019]

::Double IMPS Event::

-Purchase any amount of Item Mall Points during this time, and get them doubled!

[Duration: 15.2.2019 - 22.2.2019]

::EXTRA IMPS Event::

Who Donate 50 USD and more get more 20% IMPs

(NOTICE: The item mall items we will add slowly to the shop for balance the server.I recommend save some IMPs for later better items)


Double Exp Event:

[Duration: 15.2.2019 - 17.2.2019]

Double Exp Event has been allowed!


The List of Following Updates:

- True Sight Cleric & SM has been Fixed
- We are add new Sand Bag lv6/7/8 and NPC in Dream City exchanger
- Gem Seller has been changed to normal
- Fairy Coins Exchanger PK Items has been edited.
- New PK maze for DS and FC Chars Death Valley you can find it in dream island
- New Card name DPO card u can get it from Death Valley reward and Death Circle Reward and Chaos Argent Reward
- New NPC DPO Card Exchanger in Dream Island
- New Farm Way in Demonic World now droping from the chest Credit Tokens
- Demonic World Ref Gem drop has been increased
- Wood/Iron Ore/other materials has been changed to stackable 99-250
- New Farm ways unique gems for new players in angel isle 
- New Farm ways ring and neck gem in angel isle
- New Dungeon Arenas Kyjj with new bosses and great drop
- Corp Kylin Pr has been changed to 29 pr.

DPO Team

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[Events] February Fling 

[Monday, February 18, 2019]

Hello Pirates,

[Event 1]

::Double IMPS Event::

[Duration: 15.2.2019 - 22.2.2019]
- Purchase any amount of Item Mall Points during this time, and get them doubled!

::EXTRA IMPS Event::

[Duration: 15.2.2019 - 22.2.2019]
- Who Donate 50 USD and more get more 20% IMPs


[Event 2]

::Award Center Item Event::

[Duration: 19.2.2019 - 25.2.2019 7:00 PM First Stock]
- Following add items to Award Center (in Quantity only available for event after event will be removed from award center)

1. 1x Billion Dollar Note ( 3x Quantity )
2. 1x Corporeal Kylin Chest ( 2x Quantity )
3. 1x Kylin Chest ( 2x Quantity )
4. 1x Azrael Chest ( 5x Quantity )
5. 1x Chipped Chest ( 5x Quantity )
6. 1x Crown of Dungeon ( 1x Quantity )
7. 1x 10 IMP Token ( 2x Quantity )


[Event 3]

::Leveling Sand Bag Event::

[Duration: 18.2.2019 - 7:00 PM Server Time]
- We will spawn sand bags near argent city outside you can leveling your friends or make a reputation. ( Bag will be there 30 mins )[ 2x EXP will be ON ]


[Event 4]

::Drop Event in Game::

[Duration: 22.2.2019 - 9:00 PM Server Time]
- We will drop random items around argent city you have find them and take it.


[Event 5]

::Hide & Seek Event::

[Duration: 23.2.2019 - 7:00 PM Server Time]
- We will hide in full of the world server you have find us and u get reward.


[Event 6]

::Word Unscramble Event::

[Duration: 21.2.2019 - 10:00 PM Server Time]
- How to Play: System says " pod " first person to say "dpo" will win. This is just an example, there will be another words.

- Once you win, you cannot participate in this event again. 
- Capitalization and spelling must be EXACT
- We have all rights to kick out whoever we do not see following the rules.

DPO Team.

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