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Pirate Sanctuary Online PK

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Website: https://piratesanctuary.online

Download Link: https://piratesanctuary.online/home.php?act=downloads&cid=1
Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/invite/QPadbXG
Item Database: https://piratesanctuary.online/database/


[General Info]

Lv100 Max Player

Lv42 Max Fairy



20x Solo-Exp

23x Party-Exp

3x Drop-Rate

7x Ship-Exp

200x Fairy Growth


[PK Maps]
Chaos Argent

Demonic World

Forsaken City

Dark Swamp

& More to come!






Black Dragon
Maybe Gr8 & Azz depending on the player feed back over time.



Original Balance

Semi-Easy Leveling

90% of all Mall Items are in-game via (Mob Drops/Award Center/IGS)

Reworked Resource Farming - Level tools that increase drops 

Energy System - Gain +1 energy every 5 (Used for Daily XP n Drop Bonus/Will add more fuctions to go with it later) 

Player Commands


[Some Future Updates]

Player / Team / Guild / Server Dungeons & Raids

Reworked Guild System including guild "house" used to farm and enter guild dungeons & boss battles

Reworked Ships with 3 new recolored ships being added

New custom ship war including treasure hunting

& a ton more to come! 

Join now this can only be a success if the people like it!

Join now and enter the ingame command "/delaycomp" and get some free items for joining!
*Note can only be claimed once per connection!


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