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Ancient Online

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Server files by GOAT

Version: 1.38
Price: $100

Organized Items with Labels
Re-detailed Equipment Label views
Organized Wording bonus on gems
Effect shown above players head when using Party EXP/Amps
Colored Character Names (Necklace Apparel)
Effect Rings (Ring Apparel)
New Class (White Knight)
Rebirth System added for White Knight
23 Pets (Not including 2nd Gen or Normal Fairys/Mordo Jr)
Mordo Junior Marriage - Creates Rear Pets
Expert Fairy Skills (Expert Berserk/Novice/Magic/Recover/Medi)
Forging Tools - Fusion Core, Universal Plier, Reforge Potion 110%/120% Upgrade, Gem Re-arrange slot, Defusion Apparel
Fast Combiner Lv4 (Doesn't remove gem if player has lv4 in inventory)
Lots of Apparels Including (Shield Apparels for White Knight/Magic Classes/Swordsmans)
Infinity Amp of Luck (Never runs out)
Career Lot (All bonuses receive in 2 clicks)
Upgrading Cloaks Lv1-7
Forgeable Runestones (Cloak Gems)
Upgrading Headband (+1 - +10)
Fishing System
PK Ranking System
Online Reward Box (Counts players time online and rewards after X time on)
Customizeable Black Market System
System Notice on what your equipment becomes after forging
Re-worded Failing/Success Forging & Combining System Message
Instant Skills Npc
Brace/Handguard/Belt System [Via Temp Bag]
7 Guild colored identifier system
Fusing 2x Sealed Lv55 for 1 Unseal lv55
Enchanting Stats on Unseal Lv55/Unseal Lv65 Weapons
Magic Melee on Magic Classes
Black TOP 2 Client skin
"/" Shortcuts
Punishments for characters who relog in a maze ( 120 Seconds )
Custom Map Configurations in Lua file (Allows Anything to spawn according to time and never late)
Map Portal Counts (How Many Are Inside)
Demonic World 3
Nightmare Icicle
Dream City PK
Gold Conversion via Bank

Adjustable Drop System via Monster Kill - Can give item to temp bag with a specific/defined drop rate
[Available Gems (Can be toggled on or off)]
[Black Dragon]

[New Black Dragon Treasure]
Sacrafice 1 Item for X Equipment, must have 0 Curse Points


Price: $50
Contains Item Mall
GM Logged Status
Facebook Status
Donation Status
Float Message
Slide Show
Secured Admin Log-In (Seperate from Normal Log in)



If you are interested, add me on Discord 𝒟𝒶𝓃𝓃𝓎#2861
(Serious Inquiries only)

Server Files: $100

Website: $50

Together: $130

















Edited by GOAT
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Don't really care anymore, TOP community toxic as fuck. I do what players request and I still get bashed on, my kindness in the past was taken for granted so I started not giving a fuck. Used to help people there and here but now I don't give a flying fuck. Used to work like a fucken dog for past servers, now I hope to see other admins work just as hard and not go after money and shit when I don't see any improvements on their servers.

Edited by GOAT

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You can't expect an all goody community when you BS on every complaint or request, Not everything is gonna run ideally. What matters is how you act upon it, whether you feed the flame or you take it constructively. Good stuff overall but with that attitude you ain't capable of running a server buddy.


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