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Sky Pirates Online

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Looking for an exciting PK server along with all new unique features?

Then go ahead and try Sky Pirates Online ;)


New Features:

-All new PK! Everyone has same stats!
-Gain exp by defeating opponents
-Unlock new apparels and items
-Enhanced PK Concept 

-Completely new game with many new features

-Unlock over 1,000+ apparels in-game, new NPCs, new Fairies and much more

-Level up by defeating other players in PK mazes

-Classes are balanced, no one is stronger than the other

-Prestige System: Once you hit level 80, you will be able to Prestige and get special items and reset back to level 1.

& even much more!!!


Server links:
@ www.sky-pirates.net
@ www.discord.gg/6WemGRD


Official trailer:


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Many change-logs and patches implemented, but this one grants you the fully PK server and makes it enjoyable.

Change-log 18/09/15


-Flash Bomb and Blessed Potion are now completely free, you will be having them in your inventory and they will not disappear

-Blessed Potion nerfed: it will give you invincibility for 3 secs (before 5 secs)

-Most of farming ways for Flash Bombs, Soul Detector, Blessed Potion replaced to Recovery Flask and Buff Potion

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Player(s) are enjoying SPO especially at Chaos Argent!


You won't waste a moment because everyone is same as your stats! Pick a class, Join a guild and you're ready to go. Feel the new TOP/PKO PK experience in the best PK server around!


What are you waiting for? Join us now :)

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Get double exp by defeating opponents, winning maps, jackpot and more


The event will end on Sunday at a random time.


Go PK and Win EXP!!! :D

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[Mystic Shrub Invasion Event]

Unlike the normal Mystic Shrubs these are special and unique ones with special powers! These shrubs seeks BLOOD!.. The more you kill, the more they appear in PK mazes...


There are *three special shrubs* will start appearing in mazes:
-Red Mystic Shrub: it will grant you heals for the next 3 secs
-Dry Mystic Shrub: it will grant you stealth ability for the next 2 secs
-Purple Mystic Shrub: it will grant you the power of destruction, you will be able to break your opponent's PR easily (for magic classes, you will deal higher damage).

Note: The more PK goes, the more of these mystic shrubs will start appearing in PK maze. Mystic Shrub will be spawned inside PK map somewhere and you will have to kill it to obtain the power!


Enjoy :)

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[Pumpkin Hunt Event]

Pumpkins will start appearing in all PK mazes (Many gathers in Chaos Argent). Try to kill many pumpkins to get into ranking and win rewards at the end of the event!


*The top 10 players will win (SPO Card & Apparel Box). Please check npc in middle of SPO Town for more details!*


Ending time: Friday, 26th of October at random time

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1. [New Event - Double PK Mazes Rewards]



2. [New Update Released! - 27th of October]: New Apparels Sets, Effect Rings, Rear Pets, Legendary Wings, New Map and even more!!!


New unique item when you prestige up:


This fancy new item: Special Cosmetic Box does unlock (new apparels, effect rings, new rear pets, and legendary wings) and it comes when you prestige-up!


Did you know that we changed prestige and reworked it? Now, if you reached or you are Lv 40 you can prestige obtain 1x Special Cosmetic Box, SPO Cards and Apparel Boxes!


Login now, level up to 40 and win yourself this new item!


Enjoy :)

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