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Password generator for .cfg files

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Password generator for .cfg files

Credits: insider



The program encrypts MSSQL user password for server .cfg-files.



Fragment of GameServer.cfg: User password for MSSQL Server should be encrypted.

db_ip   =
db_usr  = PkoDevUser
db_pass = EZCpyYOZVofugqDFBZrLKw==


How to use:

1. Open file passgen.ini and write to it desired password. The password length must be equal to 9 characters. For example let's take standard password Y87dc#$98:


2. Run passgen.exe. Then you will see encrypted password in the console (see picture above);

3. To copy encrypted password to clipboard do right click on window, in context menu select "Edit", then "Select all" and press Enter button.


That's all!


Download (469 KB)

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On 8/21/2019 at 11:02 PM, bayne94 said:

@V3ct0r , just curious as to the reason why the password must be 9 characters long?

Hello, @bayne94!

I have no idea. This requirement was determined by the author of the program (insider), but it seems to work with other string lengths.

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