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PKO 1.38 Files Add Ons

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Just some changes I've made from PKO 1.38 + Tools from Vectors File.

Will keep it updated to display future file used for a server.

Credits to All that has helped me from the past and on going future.


*Fixed Fairy Poss for 2nd Gen/Mjr/Angela/August pets
*Added Cloak can upgrade to Lv7
*Added Anti-Dupe System
*Changed Pet Max Lvl Limit from 41 to 61 (For Normal/Great Fruits) ->Uses a check, so if Pet Lv 60 -> Use Great Fruit -> Fail to lvl.
*Added Unfuse Scroll (When equipment is fused, can use scroll to defuse)
*Added Buff potion (Grants buffs for 8 minutes when item used)
*Added Career Lot Scroll (Grants all Career Lot bonus stats for 10 minutes when item used)
*Added TOP Neck (displays TOP effect above characters head) (Also changes character's color name)
*Added Custom Icons to certain items to (differentiate and avoid scams)
*Banker now has option to open bank/convert inventory gold to notes. -> 100k,500k,1m Notes
*Added Angela Junior + 6 Different Angela Junior Colors
*Added August Pets
*Added New Wings (Much like Angelic/Devil etc wings)
*Added PK Ranking system
*Added Apparel's NPC  -> Default Classic TOP Apparels

*Added New Apparels -> Alucard etc

*Ordered Apparels By Rows and Columns
*All Apparels have Race defined -> [L] Sreet Love - Armor [C] - Street Love Armor [P] - Street Love Armor [A] - Street Love Armor (L = Lance) (C = Carsise) (P = Phyllis) (A = Ami)
*Added Universal Pliers (Can extract any gem from any equipment such as rings/necklace)
*Added 110% and 120% Upgrading Scrolls (Double click to upgrade fused apparels with 100% Effectiveness)
*Added Lv4 Gem Combiner (Can make multiple lv4's without dropping/placing gem in bank if higher than lv1)

*Added F1-F12 Skill bar + Extra Bar on Top + Tab Switcher

*Added Big Inventory 48 Slot via (Alt+E)

*Added Character Running while in Safezone

*Added Instant Skill NPC (Defined by Class - will teach all skills according to class)

*Added Removal of Corals for Voyager classes

*Added Gem Slot Change (Changes Gems order via forged equipments)

*Added 110% Instant Apparel Upgrade Stone

*Added 120% Instant Apparel Upgrade Stone

*Added Brackets to NPC's name [NPC Name]

*Added Custom map for CA (Removed useless objects, map is much easier to look around ex: Bar and Commerce have roof opened)

*Added Spawn Script for Chaos Argent -> (If player enters at :15 -> Expert Chest Spawns, no matter how late a player enters, correct mobs/wave will spawn)

*Added Anti-Relog to Chaos Argent -> If Player leaves the map for whatever reason, it will punish leaver for 2 minutes.

*Added New Spawn Points inside Chaos Argent

*Added Hairstyle items to Hairstylist

*Added Bracelet/Handguards/Belts

*Added Cooldown timer to Healing Pots (HP/SP)

*Added FC 1/2/3 Chest -> FC 1 Chest - Lv40 Rings -> FC2 Chest -> Unsealed Incantation Weapons FC Chest 3 -> Earth Sealed Armor's

*Added DS 1/2/3 Chest -> DS 1 Chest - Lv50 Rings -> DS 2 Chest -> Fire Sealed Set Pieces -> DS 3 Chest -> Fire Sealed Weapons

*Added 10k/100k gold Note

*Added Bank Note (Double Click Note to open Bank)

*Changed Tattoo Apps/Armor's from 27 to 22

*Changed Skillinfo Tattoo Requirement -> Armor Requirement

*Added Nightmare Demonic Helmet -> Can upgrade to lv 10

Edited by Joah
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Changed classic skin to TOP 2 -> Based on my project I did back in 2014, has trouble with positioning on friends list and server select but that's pretty much it.



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4 minutes ago, xiaoyuyu321 said:

Can share the client? I need to.😍

You can download the TOP 2 client that Julio linked I am not using that though so you will need to manually get the lua files and convert it if you are using 1.3X 

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Changed Gem Descriptions in a formal order for all gems in -> scripts.lua Client side

In StoneHint -> ItemHint_Gem Name Ex: ItemHint_Rage  = Gem of Rage ID = 863 = Hint: Empowers +[5] Strength

Gems no longer have random names such as Xiahou etc, goes by Gem Name

Added Great Gems [SS]

Added Azrael Gems [SS]

Added Great Icons [CS]

Added Azrael Icons [CS]



Edited by Joah
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20 minutes ago, gainster81 said:

Hey, nice work!!! Is there any link to download the server files to try it out?

I think it is not for share

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Added Rear Fairies. - Must get Hit in order to activate.

+When player HP is healing while having Rear Fairy on -> will display an effect (Much like cake healing)



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Hey if you add music, when leave city bug sometimes i only add the sound effects of attacks etc... but not music :)


This job it is amazing! good job!

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