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Who sell Server Protection & Anti-DDos

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23 hours ago, wh35199 said:

I want to ask, Who sell Server Protection & Anti-DDos.

Who is most recommended is good.

Something called 'Anti-DDOS' does not exist.There are few programs there called 'Anti-DDOS' while all they do is find an IP that is, for example, logging many accounts simultaneously or refreshing the website a lot and bans it.


If you want to be DDoS protected, refer to www.ovh.com, they do mitigate DDoS attacks really well by taking the traffic of the attack and sending it to one of their own servers so you don't really get affected.

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7 hours ago, wh35199 said:

@x3w0r OVH sell anti ddos or vps/dedi for server?

They are a worldwide known company, the best servers running right now are using that host, OVH support is really cool and they do their job really well.And also the anti-DDoS is built in with the VPS/Dedicated Server.And they do offer for Dedicated Servers two type of anti-DDoS, Game & Normal anti-DDoS.  

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