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Silver Sea Online

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Silver Sea Online


EXP Solo: 15x / EXP Party: 20x / EXP Drop: 10x / EXP Fairy: 200x

Max Level:85

Max Level Fairy: 41


New Quests to obtain items are added on Server !

Rebirth Quest with new Goals to obtain Rebirth Stone !

Avaible Gems at NPC: Normal Gems / Broken, Cracked, Chipped Gems.

Unique Gem Voucher dropping from CA Chests, Arena ChestsDW1, DW2, FC3 and DS3 Bosses !

Forsaken City 3 (FC3) Boss (Death Knight) dropping Refining Gem, Unique Gem Voucher and Kal Runestone

Dark Swamp 3 (DS3) Boss dropping Kal Runestone.

Ancient Generator (AG) is not needed to enter to FC1 anymore.


Death Set & Weapons with Exclusive Exchange System !

Rightful Black Dragon Set dropping in Black Dragon at Black Dragon Lair 2 !


Money Making:

99x Lucky Packet -> 100k

99x Fairy Coin -> 200K

99x Ash Wood Log -> 250K

99x Elven Signet -> 800K


Dream City added but on tests !

Lv70 Framestone, Pawnstone and Clawstone with a new Exchange System !

New Coral Vendor at Argent City 2128,2717 (Near Little Daniel) ! Bows Level 45,55,65,75 with Attack Adjusted !

Unseals Lv45, 55, 65 and Level 70 Framestone with Stats Adjusteds !

Unseals Lv45,55,65 Bows are now avaible with balanced stats !

Blacksmith's from Argent City and Icicle Castle with Forge, Fusion, Appareal Fusion & Upgrade functions !


And a lot of stuffs that will be realesed yet !







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idk mate, i was on in this morning, and now is off

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