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Servers Advertising

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Hi again! :smile:
Dear Forum Members, due to a considerable amount of requests, Servers Advertisement section has been made.

Servers Advertising

The section consists of two subsections: Russian servers and English servers, which  accordingly divide by 3 sections: Stable, Under Beta and Opening Soon Servers (not relevant).

Stable Servers
In this section you should advertise your server just if it's been running for quite a long time so far without any wipe. You can move threads from "Under Beta" and "Opening Soon" to this section if you'd like to.

Under Beta
In this section you should advertise your server just if it's either under Closed or Open Beta test. You can move threads from "Opening Soon" to this section if you'd like to. 

Opening Soon
In this section you should advertise your server just if it's currently under development and players are unable to play it. 

Model logic how the section works: You have an idea to open the server, you search for a team therefore and start the development. At this point you can create a thread in "Opening Soon" section. After the development gets to the final stage you make a decision of making a beta test. You have to notify the moderators and your thread will be moved to "Under Beta" section. As soon as the beta ends (you've done fixing different bugs or errors), your thread is moved to "Stable Servers".

Section is being checked every day by moderators to find out servers that don't exist. For example, your current server's advertisement is located in "Stable Servers" section when in fact it hasn't been online for quite a while. Then your advertisement will be deleted, since it doesn't meet the "Stable Servers" section's requirements.

You can create an advertisement for your server if you follow some simple rules:

  1. One server - one advertisement;
  2. One user - one server;
  3. Only administrator of the server can create a thread;
  4. Your server meets the section's requirements (not relevant);
  5. Thread's name should be the same as server's name;
  6. Advertisement should include the whole description of the server: name, logo (if you have one), status, website and forum (if you have one) links, version, rates, feature list, useful information;
  7. Server's description should be written on an accessible language.


If your server changes its status, like, beta test came to its end and you've decided to close the server, then you have to inform the moderators. They will either move it to another section or delete it.

Thread is open for the further discussion. You're welcome to ask questions or give ideas in the comments. Thank you and best of luck!

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"Stable Servers", "Under Beta" and "Opening Soon" subsections have been removed. Now all servers will be located in one general section.

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