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Note sure if this is real tho but looks like it is, soo
This source looks like its released on " 2009-11-14 " as Tales of Pirates 1.33 ORIGINAL Server Files

There is the link: http://en.pudn.com/downloads206/sourcecode/game/detail969977_en.html

If anyone will be able to download them, reply here :)

EDIT: if you can't get to sourcecode from the first Link, ima leave some more links down here:
http://en.pudn.com/Download/item/id/1287939.html - SourceSrc
http://en.pudn.com/downloads208/sourcecode/game/detail981526_en.html - pirate king online 1.38-2.0 EN built from the CN version
http://en.pudn.com/Download/item/id/551797.html - Pirate King 1.38 game client services, integrity can be set up, the client used the official 1.38 version

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