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[DW edit] Wandering Soul seal the portal

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Hello, I want share my old DW update script and you can do same in FC and DS if you like. This script update dw boss1 (Wandering Soul) need be killed before you can entry in DW2 also in system will show if boss is killed, remember add variables to get it working.



        BickerNotice(role,"Power of Wandering Soul seal the portal you know what to do!")
        Notice("<DW>: Wandering Soul is now Death.")

        Notice("<DW2>: Snowman Warlord is now Death.")




Download full dw1-2 script in megahttps://mega.nz/#!TYI2SRiQ!gQQZ9YsLexOJeQhN351g5YcrdLIHFXQRAJ_thTuFGN0



PS: if you want to show who killed the boss you can do it by something like this:

Notice("<DW>: "..GetChaDefaultName(role).." Killed Wandering Soul and DW 2 portal is now open.")

Edited by Onioni
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