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WebGL Experiments

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So.. When was the last time you heard about WebGL?  
WebGL is Web Graphics Library that allows us to generate, display and interact with 3D objects directly in the browser. (Including mobile, since their legacy source is based on it).


Since I am a big fan of everything 3D and TOP/PKO used to be my area of expertise, I ran some tests with WebGL and 3D Mesh of TOP/PKO. Since I am no longer in development, because over the years I am simply too expensive for any server to hire me, there is nothing I can do with the results of these experiments, but you as TOP/PKO enthusiast could find it fun or useful and maybe, make these examples into a real functioning thing.


All you have to do is put the files on your Web server and open index.php, there I have made small menu, so it's easier for you to navigate and view stuff. (Generally PHP won't open on local machine without even the most basic Web server).




Some FAQ's I will answer right away.


- Why PHP?
Well... There is really no good reason, because it all would work well on plain html, but I have used PHP for a very simple reason. I call it anti-idiot system. If you can't figure out opening, running and investigating these files, there is no reason for you to bother and waste your time.


- Whats inside?
Few examples with WebGL. Generating, loading and displaying 3D models with interactions in browser, that can be very easily integrated in website to take advantage of DOM element functions in order to make cool 3D interaction for you server's website. (This is basically a challenge for pro's to integrate in their websites and build awesome website that stands out).


- What about support?
None. I don't care enough to support you, and none of you could possibly pay me enough to integrate this for your websites, so you are on your own here.


- Responsive?
Yes. Engine, Web Elements, all is responsive.


- Limitations?
Not really, this is WebGL, it's supported by all the modern browsers including mobile browsers. The only limitation I can think of is your general knowledge.


Maybe I will update this thing in the future... Maybe...









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how can i put it in pkosite?

what files i use to make the 3d work?

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