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Phyllis Crusader - Dual Sword bug

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Hello @Home!


Check CharacterInfo.txt. Find Phyllis and field 'Skill ID' should be like:


then don't forget to compile it and put in client.


Also there can be a problem with CharacterAction.tx (client side), but you can take it from client with working Phyllis crusader.

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@V3ct0r i followed what you said but it still didnt work. Anything else is needed beside characterinfo and characteraction.tx? 
Also i've tried:
-use a working phyllis crus client and use that to launch the game but still didnt work after add ,38 to phyllis line in characterinfo
-thought it was the dual weapon skill (compared)but see nothing different

Anything else?

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@V3ct0r I have the same problem, the download from the link above is no longer available.  ( http://pastebin.com/iFp0yxdg ) no function.


Could you give a more detailed explanation Thank you

Sorry Inglês (Google Tradutor)

I'm from Brazil  
Phyllis crusader can't hit using dual swords... How can i fix it. . . 

Also do not enter the items from the beginning Lvs 10 ---- 45 (chest-box-newbie)...

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