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Found 3 results

  1. V3ct0r

    [PHP] Search for items

    With this PHP script you can search for different items in characters bag, temporary bag and bank. Requirements: PHP 7.0+; PDO support; sqlsrv driver for PDO. How to install and use: 1) Put the script to your web server working folder, usually it named htdocs. 2) Open index.php and configure it; First of all, fill the data to connect to the MSSQL server: // MSSQL Settings $db_host = ''; $db_user = ''; $db_pass = ''; $db_name = 'GameDB'; Then enter the access key. It is needed to access the script from the web browser. // Secret key $access_key = 'E10ADC3949BA59ABBE56E057F20F883E'; Fill the list of items you need to search for: // List of items to search for // ID, Name, Icon $items = array( // new Item(Item_ID, 'Item_Name', 'Item_Icon'), new Item(1, 'Short sword', 'w0001'), new Item(2, 'Long sword', 'w0002'), new Item(863, 'Gem of Rage', 'n1182'), new Item(855, 'Fairy Coin', 'n1482'), new Item(1847, 'Apple', 'n0275') ); That's all! 3) Run the script in the your web browser and you will see the results of the search. http://localhost/search_items/index.php The script is based on the PHP class for working with inventory from user Matt from forum serverdev.net. Icons of items are included. Do not use on a production server for security reasons. Download
  2. hello still i'm editing 1.36 clean files i need a partner for a help !
  3. Hello guys, I would like you ask about protecting my server and SQL injection. How can I protect my server and will it be fully protected? Thanks a lot <3