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Found 3 results

  1. Phai

    MythZone Online

    **Welcome to MythZone Online** Are you looking to play a Tales of Pirates / King of Pirates private server? Do you want to be strong, but do not wish to spend real money to get there? Tired of playing a pay to win server where you can not kill mallers? We welcome you to MythZone Online, where you can farm one of the best items in game through minimal work and PK anyone with a decent set. We wish to see you in game! ***Active GM to answer your questions through Facebook or Discord*** Server Information: - Max Level: 150 - Max Pet Lv: 103 (Level 99 then Hyper Fruit to 103) - Solo-exp: 20x - Party-exp: 25x - Drop-rate: 50x - Fairy-growth: 1000x - Ship exp: 50x Information & Features: -Balanced Server -Medium server -In-game system to obtain anything -Active user support -Black Market NPC -Lottery -More to be added GEMS: - Normal - Unique - Advance - BDS - Azrael - Myth Gems - Special Gems - Extract normal gems at Spring EQUIPMENTS: - Unseal 55, 65, 75, 85 (NPC) - Black Dragon Equipment + Black Dragon Stone (Fused BD Set effect with stone) - Uns 95 (Exchanger) - Kylin (Current Best Set) --Farmable In Game! Maps: - Chaos Argent - Demonic World - Dark Swamp - BD Lair - Circle of Death - Circle of Death 55 - Valley of Death - Chaos Icicle - Thundoria Mirage - More to come Rebirths: - 1st Rebirth = 30x Kals - 2nd Rebirth = 60x Kals - 3rd Rebirth = 99x Kals **You can quickly view a more in-depth guide to the server through the link: https://mythpko.com/index.php?act=newsview&id=7 Social Media: Discord: https://discord.gg/2nVPDbq Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MythzonePKO/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MythZone-Online-111795990368767/ Website: https://mythpko.com/
  2. Stitch

    Aegeus Pirates Online

    Aegeus Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based in the historic "Tales of Pirates". Our server counts with numberless new content and customized game-play intended to make your experience even better. Best Medium - Hard Server! Vanilla Feels with Crazy and Unique Features! 2X more experience when you join today! Discord: https://discord.gg/g227fFV Register: https://aegeus.online/index.php?act=register Downloads: https://aegeus.online/index.php?act=downloads Server Rates: - Medium to Hard (Classical Gameplay + Unique Features) Solo Experience: 5X Team Experience: 7.5X (+ 1.25% Each Members) Drop Rate: 3X Fairy Experience: 20X Available Maps: Ascaron Region (Argent) Magic Sea Region (Shaitan) Dark Blue Region (Icicle) Forsaken City 1F - 3F Dark Swamp 1F - 3F Demonic World 1F - 2F Chaos Argent Balances: Champion - Original Crusader - Original Sharpshooter - Original Cleric - Magical skills increased when using on monsters Seal Master - Magical skills increased when using on monsters Voyager - Magical skills increased when using on monsters Gems: Normal Gems - Limited to LV3; Broken Gems - Limited to LV3; Cracked Gems - Limited to LV3; Chipped Gems - Limited to LV3; Unique Gems - Limited to LV3; Quests: Story Quests + Admiral Cloak as a ending reward Language Barrier Quest Rebirh Quest Apparel Quest (Update) Modifications:Secured Server (AntiWPE; AntiDupe; AntiDDoS; FaceBug and HairBug Exploit Fixed; Hourly Database Backup; Original Passwords Encryption;) Chest inside mazes drops Modifications: Unseals (+ boots & gloves) Class Changer NPC Jackpot Machine Guild Leveling System Chance to earn Mall Crystals when killing monsters Free Daily Rewards NPC Original Balance Reputation NPC Fairy Coin Chest And Many More!!!
  3. Register: https://pirateisland.online/index.php?act=register Download: https://pirateisland.online/index.php?act=downloads Discord: https://discord.gg/SkSVJua Server Rates Solo Exp: 5x Party Exp: Custom, according to member number. 2 Members: 7.5x 3 Members: 8x 4 Members: 9x 5 Members: 10x Fairy Growth: Custom, according to fairy level. Lv01-10: 25x Lv11-15: 20x Lv16-20: 15x Lv21-25: 10x Lv26-30: 5x Lv31-41: 1x Drop-rate: 1x Max Player Level: 75 Max Fairy Level: 41 Max Gem Level: 5 Server Maps Argent City + Outskirt (Main Town) Outlaw Island (Leveling) Zephyr Island (Leveling) Glacier Island (Leveling) Forsaken City Dark Swamp Abandoned Mine 2 Silver Mine 2-3 Lone Tower Black Dragon Lair Chaos Argent Chaos FFA Demonic World 1-2 Demonic FFA Gemming System The max gem level in server is capped at Lv5 and there’s a maximum of 3 sockets, meaning that your equipment can reach by maximum +15. We have available the following gems: Normal Gems Broken Gems Cracked Gems Chipped Gems Unique Gems Advanced Gems Black Dragon Gems Refining Gem Modification 1: Cracked Gems. Now all of those can be forged in armor, boots and gloves. Modification 2: Normal Gems. Fiery Gem improved to +20 attack Furious Gem improved to +25 attack Shining Gem improved to +200 hp Glowing Gem improved to +15 defense Shadow Gem improved to +7 dodge Lustrious Gem improved to +7 hit-rate Modification 3: Black Dragon Gems. Eye of Black Dragon improved to +100 attack Modification 4: Advanced Gems. Feng’s Defense improved to +25 defense Shark’s Strengthening improved to +300 hp