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Found 4 results

  1. V3ct0r

    Game.exe Info

    Game.exe Info With this program, you can find out the startup parameter (startgame), version and port of Game.exe, as well as the addresses by which they are recorded. Works only with Game.exe versions 1.3x. Download
  2. Программа для просмотра информации о Game.exe С помощью данной программы Вы можете узнать параметр запуска (startgame), версию и порт Game.exe, а также адреса, по которым они записаны. Работает только с Game.exe версий 1.3х. Скачать
  3. mkhzaleh

    game.exe 138

    helo guys can someone pass to me game.exe 138 clean ?
  4. I have created a server but I have a problem that I had not passed and I do not find any solution, they will see when I add an AreaSet.bin to the client the game works well until I leave the main cities it locks up and says game.exe I left But if I put a clean AreaSet.bin does not happen this but instead of saying Argent City says AscaronSeaRegion, DeepblueSeaRegion, MagicalOseanSeaRegion I need help to put the names that are and not lock. Thank you