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  1. Hello community of pkoDev, some time ago we got our hands on the source code for the game we love and have been creating unique stuff for years. Many (including myself) are completely useless when trying to build and make a functional application out of the Chinese sources so not many people were using them. Now, thanks to the Sheep Squad (KONG, Billy, Wrexor, Mii, Foxseiz & Snre3n), they have released the source code for the server-side applications and a client to go along with it. We have to thank them for it, since this improves the community as a whole and now you start seeing a few servers popping up. While they're functional, there have been comments about them having some minor issues, which we as a community can come together to fix as a public source code. This thread is created thanks to KONG for giving the idea and is not to bring any other issue/dramas that showed up in the other thread. This thread's only purpose is to identify issues/improvements and share the code that can fix and/or improve the code, therefore: Anyone is allowed to post anything they might have found, even if they don't have an immediate fix for it. Anyone is allowed to contribute fixes to other people's issues and their own. Anyone is allowed to contribute improvements to existing code. If any issue fix and/or improvement is shared and you can make the code better, feel free to contribute! Note1: This thread is not about fixing the directories, missing files or compiling source code itself, that's explained on the original release thread. Note2: This is my first time doing a thread like this, so if I'm missing anything to add, let me know! So for as posting something, lets follow the example stated by KONG. For Bug Reports, follow this: Bug Title: Bug Description: How to replicate: Status (pending / close / open): Author (whoever that fixes it): For Architecture Improvements, follow: Title: Refactor to MVC design pattern Reason: scalability and maintainability Approach: For Game Improvements, follow this: Title: Reason: Improve existing guild functions Approach: SQL table, Open-closed, etc Concerns: concurrency, race, etc Please try posting the actual fixes, if you can, try explaining what was done so the rest of people reading the thread can learn if they're interested. Avoid just posting the whole file like "here's the fixes inside my functions.lua" and posting your 20K line file, try posting just the fixes/changes.
  2. New forum section on developing Tales of Pirates using Unity3D game engine Hello friends! At the request of users, a new section was created on the forum to discuss and develop Tales of Pirates on the Unity3D game engine. Wikipedia
  3. Hello everyone! Recently I started a discord server for the whole Tales of Pirates community, including players, developers and server owners. We want it to make easy for players to find servers to play since there aren't many of those nowadays. It's a place where players can meet other players, explore servers, vote for their favorite servers and join events! Today we also launched our ToP Server Ranking system, since many ranking sites on the web are outdated. This way players can see what the populair server choices are at the moment. Furthermore, my team also keeps an eye on the current servers available. We promote servers for free to give them more exposure and give love to the smaller and upcoming servers too! By doing this we hope to grow the ToP community and bring players and servers together. If anyone is interested in joining the community here is the link: https://discord.gg/DQ3Kcwe I hope to see you guys around!
  4. Broken pictures on the forum Hello friends! For some unknown reasons, after updating the forum, in some topics the pictures are disappeared: If you notice such missing images then please report to me in PM or in this topic so that I can restore them. It is desirable to attach a link to the topic with broken pictures to the your message. Thanks for the help!
  5. User ranks Hello! Our forum has user ranks system. The user's rank reflects the amount of content he created on the forum. The more messages the user leaves and creates new topics, the higher his rank. Since our game is about pirates, then the ranks will be respectively pirated. For each new rank the user receives a Squid. The squid was chosen as the game symbol. The number of messages required to receive the new rank was chosen based on the current average number of messages left by users on 05.25.2018. That is, in such a way that all users do not immediately receive the highest rank, but they also do not have the lowerest rank. There are 5 ranks in total: Cabin Boy - 0+ messages; Pirate - 30+ messages; Boatswain - 125+ messages; First Mate - 200+ messages; Sea Captain - 300+ messages. If you have any ideas and suggestions about the ranks of users, then write about them in this thread!
  6. Hello friends! If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding the forum and its processes, then you can submit them here, so we could discuss them. Thank you!
  7. PkoDEV.NET Discord! "All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers and hassling with Skype. Simplify your life." - discordapp.com Hello friends! Our community have two Discord servers: PkoDev by @Home - "This is a public chat where we can talk about everything." TOP/PKO/KOP by @Blanquitoh - "I have seen that the other channel is being used mostly for devs so.... i wanted to create one for both. Players and Admins because since i have notice the other discord channel does not have an admin or moderator, it is hard to set up new configurations like new channels for server advertizing, etc... Help this channel growth!" We will be glad to see you in Discord!
  8. Servers Monitoring Hello friends! Unfortunately, servers monitoring (servers.pkodev.net) has been closed. The reasons are the low popularity and relevance of the service. There were about 2-4 servers only. I want to say thanks to @Duduf for idea and development/implementation and @Jap for idea! Discussion is here.
  9. Servers Monitoring Hello friends! Today, I want to represent servers monitoring service by PkoDev.NET community. servers.pkodev.net For the idea and its realization I'd like to thank @Duduf! Features Real-time mapping of operable & registered servers. Servers that do not respond for a certain amount of time will be automatically deleted; Displaying of every server's features - version, language, rates,...; Displaying of every server's statistics - number of: accounts, characters, guilds; You can check how many players do play a server in real-time; Filters using which players could find the most attractive servers in their opinion; Widgets for your website. In this way servers' administrators are provided with an opportunity to attract the players on a server, and for the players - to find the most suitable server to play in the shortest duration of time. How it works A special PKODevStat service is started on your server which automatically requests statistics and data from the SQL server every 90 seconds and then sends it to PkoDev.NET; The service itself is an executable that you start together with your: GameServer.exe, AccountServer.exe, GroupServer.exe and GateServer.exe; On the basis of the data our website creates a list of currently operable server with basic information. You can also install a special widget on your website that should display the same information of any page of your website. If server hasn't retrieved data for 24 hours, it gets automatically deleted. In the top of the list our service stores servers with the highest number of online players (if it retrieved data during the previous hour), otherwise ranking is carried out by the last reference to the PkoDev. Servers with 0 online are placed at bottom of the list by the default. Important PKODevStat.exe service does not send any extra data (for instance, logins or passwords of your server players). Also, server does not do any edits in the SQL server. Moreover PKODevStat is an open source and you can easily find it out on your own. We are not interested in breaking any server! How to get your server being monitored? That's quite simple. Head to "For servers admins" section on the service's website and click "Download". PKODevStat will be downloaded on your PC which which later has to be configured and opened manually. You would have to edit config.json file which consists of 3 sections: 1) Server section - basic information about your server: name - name of the server. From 5 and up to 55 symbols are allowed, do not use any special symbols; url - server address, should start with either "http://" or "https://"; lang - server language. Use the two-letter ISO code in lowercase: ru, en, br, etc; timezone - timezone of the server. Example: UTC +4 or Europe/Moscow; version - server version, strictly in double type: 1.3, 1.39, 2.0, etc; since - date and time when your server was first open publically (launched). Format: YYY-MM-DD HH:mm; rates - server rates: exp - solo rates; drop - drop rates; pet - pet rates; ship - ship rates; party - team rates; resource - resource rates; lvls - max levels in game: char - max character level; pet - max pet level; ship - max ship level; 2) db section - configurations required to establish SQL server connection: server - SQL server hostname; port - SQL port; user - DB username; password - DB user's password; 3) tbl section - names of tables in AccountServer and GameDB databases. Edit them only if your table names are different from original. If that you've edited the config, save it and run the program (PKODevStat.exe). Run only one copy of .exe file and make sure you see a label: Runing PKODev service... If there are no errors & mistakes in configuration, there will be no extra notices after the label and you should be able to see your server at servers.pkodev.net. Otherwise, fix the errors and restart the application. If you do any edits in config.json, you should always restart the program. If you have any suggestions, notes or questions regarding the work of the monitoring system, then you leave a comment and we will certainly review it! Thanks to @qwerty for news translation!
  10. Hello friends! @Sea King and @DevMorgan asked me to make Brazilian section on our forum. What do you think about it? How many people from Brazil in our forum?
  11. Hello friends! As you have noticed, our forum has been receiving a lot of attentions regarding paid services and the sales of files. Do we need a section for paid services? What do you think about that? Write here!
  12. Fundraising for official client & game source code Hello friends! As you might already know there are people who sell official game & client source codes (with C++ as a programming language). It seems like there is a huge interest around this topic, as people keep asking me questions about the source every other day. Despite all the doubts and risks user from our forum @Treuno86 acquired them from a CN guy. We asked him whether he's going to share them or not. Treuno replied that he had spent 480$ and nobody had contributed at all. After that we have decided to make a deal: if our community gathers 300$ and then sends him the money, he shares all the original stuff, as he received from the original seller. Sounds quite fair, since he had spent a lot of money alone. So, our community should collect all together 300$ to get source files. If somebody has doubts regarding the source (fake files, wrong sources, etc...), Treuno can provide the proofs. To make sure that these are the original source files I checked them via TeamViewer. Here is one of the files: Character.cpp (GameServer.exe). Why would we need source files: 1. To fix different bugs & backdoors. 2. Improve the game by adding brand new features. The source files include the client and server versions 1.10 and 2.4 In this thread we shall decide who wants to help by donating and how much. Also, we have to decide where to store the money (Paypal most likely, though). UPDATE 06.06.2016 4:30 PM @Treuno86 asked to rise up the price to 400$, I don't think anybody will mind. Also I want to recall that the source files are going to be shared publically to everyone whether people contributed or not. Users who are ready to help (25): RU: ZEST Online Team (@e1mer) World of Chaos Team (@NMS3RR) @Chad @insider @V1tor @Chudik @BotPRO @BETEP/macs509 Mordo Online Team EN: @xtc @Wrexor @Yudha @Jones @Andy @Foxseiz @Andrew @Lucky @Sea King @DevMorgan @LazyKid @Sultan @TheLegend @Onioni @7n6 @GustavoHMA
  13. User groups User group system does operate on our forum. For a better recognition of users in different user groups, users' aliases are colored into a certain color. So far there are only 5 user groups: Administrator; Community; Moderator; Server administrator; User. User To enter this group you should simply register on our forum and follow the rules. Server administrator This group is intended for private servers' administrators. Applications to enter the group should be sent to any of the forum administration. Requirements to enter the group: 1) Amount of messages on forum should be 50 and above; 2) Reputation equals 10 and above; 3) User should exist at least 15 days after the registration on forum; 4) A running server; 5) Administration's approval. Moderator Group users have access to the Moderation section. Applications to enter the group should be sent to any administrator. Administrator decides whether to accept the application or not; determines himself what reception form to use. Administrator is free to accept or to deny the application. Administrator has the right to beforehand discuss the application with other team members of group "Moderators". Requirements to enter the group: 1) User should exist at least 30 days after the registration on forum; 2) Reputation equals 15 and above; 3) The absence of forum's rules violation; 4) Administration's approval. Community This group is intended for users who have made a great contribution to the development of the forum or somehow affect the development of the community. Participants of this group have access to all forum sections except of 'Administration'. Administrators decide on their own who they should and should not add to this group. Administrator No comments.
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