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Found 4 results

  1. IMBRI

    Anti-Dupe problem

    hello, i got problem when i tried to install saeed Multi Antidupe if someone could help me =D thanks. http://imgur.com/a/GtbZg here picture of error
  2. Saeed

    Saeed's work

    Hello everyone, Ive been asked several times to release the antidupe to publicity so, there you guys go along with few more scripts. As for questions regarding anything, do not expect a reply since i quit developing a long time ago and i have more important things in life now, anyhow if anyone needs a hand ya'll can contact me through facebook [ saeed.ahmed.165 ] or IG [ saeedae09 ]. Antidupe v1.3 guide included inside https://mega.nz/#!YkYEHBCY!z9SrQUNHZ__q1byK_1swyqWGW-ah9849wTDlHa9I7qg Multi Antidupe "more secure/used by roso" guide not included/for professionals to play with https://mega.nz/#!0oB2EYSR!n2PI1rDTJEGsFrfJkz99E5-f_nY2zUhaZWREfBH-h3k Remote Bomb guide included https://mega.nz/#!woggkZZC!yV0qO-nNOEWnHIaHNdW9U-jYy3HL5T8H8fuby253f-g Party Dungeon slight guide included https://mega.nz/#!thJD1BAa!tfmq1KlTC36AY8G_jyH7HYjQWc3OW0Y4CsVDHtkzYgk Player Ranking read init.lua https://mega.nz/#!txoEBL6L!_a8R2Up4wT1YdD9gcgLC8xV1H4bEkroAt6D2yeZ5vtc Automatic Drop Event requires a small brain to understand https://mega.nz/#!JsgEXbyT!qVc82rhdL5ni7ad_dsmig_iFAG-bzmtzI-Q1se1jLrY Enhancements System "+1 +2 +3... +12 Masterwork" slight guide included https://mega.nz/#!UghwnLII!s09njPdVb_14ugwO3aWsDJSQUxVMNtmtstbL_liTDKc New Generation Pets "monster pet, spawns with custom skills/stats enhancements etc.." not finished, pretty amazing to play around https://mega.nz/#!4lx0HIiC!llsziqUXX4mz7YzMy9U0MlnLRgE-9dQUQqVRjkTztKI
  3. Home

    Anti Dupe - GameServer Based

    HOW IT WORKS STEPS 1 - Everytime a player enters a map, it saves they CURRENT GAMESERVER in a file resource/script/players/playername.txt 2 - When player leaves the map it saves the text "out" in the resource/script/players/playername.txt 3 - When the player teleports to another map the destiny will check if the playername.txt contains "out" or its gameserver name"... ... if not ... shows a message ... "GOD IS WATCHING YOU" gameserver.cfg equment = System00 gameserver1.cfg equment = System01 gameserver2.cfg equment = System02 gameserver3.cfg equment = System03 gameserver4.cfg equment = System04 Functions.lua code --> place it anywhere function GetCurrentGameServer() local ret, npc = GetEudemon() local GSName = GetChaDefaultName(npc) return GSName end function GetSavedGameServer (role) f = io.open ("resource/script/players/" .. GetChaDefaultName (role) .. ".txt", "r") SavedGameServer = f:read () f:close () return SavedGameServer end function SaveGameServer (role) local gameserver = GetCurrentGameServer() f = io.open ("resource/script/players/" .. GetChaDefaultName (role) .. ".txt", "w") f:write (gameserver) f:close () end function CleanGameServer (role) f = io.open ("resource/script/players/" .. GetChaDefaultName (role) .. ".txt", "w") f:write ("out") f:close() end all maps ctrl.lua code after enter ( Here is where you can do whatever you want if caught the trying to dupe... ) I just show a message ('God is watching you') savedGS = GetSavedGameServer(role) currentGS = GetCurrentGameServer() if (savedGS ~= "out" and savedGS ~= currentGS) then Notice("God is watching you...") end SaveGameServer(role) before leaves CleanGameServer(role)
  4. Home

    Anti Dupe Method

    Hi Friends... I made this Anti Dupe method, for teleporting ways, let me explain how it works... EXPLANATION PLAYER teleports from Argent City(GS0) to Shaitan City ( GS1) ... TELEPORTER gives him a GS1 "token"... IF Player arrives to destination GS1 Token is deleted by destination map ELSE if PLAYER tries to DUPE closing the game before teleporting,then when the player enter the map again the source map will check for the GS1 Token if it's there PLAYER will be automaticaly teleported to DESTINATION MAP, no having time to trade the itens or even droping It worked here on my tests... DEMO Resource with this method - ( ONLY BETWEEN Argent Teleporter and Shaitan Teleporter ) -- http://www.mediafire.com/download/p1u26j4a7vtdvo7/resource(2).rar The modifications are in GoToWhere function garner.ctrl magicsea.ctrl variables ... I'll finish it after i take a bath