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Found 10 results

  1. These servers were made by the same admin and ran sometime around 2011-2013 they're quest based servers. I have been trying to find them for years with no luck, would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction
  2. Redemption Online

    Redemption Online - Official

    Ahoy Pirates! We would like to announce that we finally made it out to official! Redemption Online [Server Information] [Medium-Hard] [Level Cap]: 90 [Gems Cap]: 5 [Fairy Cap]: 41 [Solo Exp Rate]: 2x [Party Exp Rate]: 4x [Fairy Exp Rate]: 10x [Ship Exp Rate]: 10x [Drop Rate]: 2x [Leveling] Game system provide enough equipment until level 55 to help you to get level up solo or in-party. [Gems] [Refining]: Can be obtained by killing mobs of Forsaken City - Dark Swamp - Demonic World - Bosses. [Normal]: Demonic World - Demonic World 2 mobs - All Normal gems stat bonus are buffed. [Broken]: Forsaken City - Dark Swamp mobs. [Cracked-Chipped]: Forsaken City - Dark Swamp - Demonic World chests - Bosses - Land Fishing. [Jades]: Can be obtained by Bosses. [Rock]: Forsaken City - Dark Swamp - Demonic World chests - Bosses. [Unique]: Can be obtained by solving Sheepskin Scroll - Mazes - Dungeons - Bosses. [Advanced]: Can be obtained by Bosses. [Current Mazes] [Forsaken City] - [Dark Swamp] - [Demonic World]: Every 4 hours. [Chaos Argent]: Every 6 hours. [Nightmare Chaos Icicle]: Every 12 hours. It's a blind PK map where you can't see your opponents names - items or the buffs they got and it cannot be tweaked on client side like top2. [Guild System] Here's a sneak peak of the Guild System: || [Guild Bank] Here you can keep your items and share it with guild members with Guild Vault's access. [Guild Attributes] Now you can get yourself some stat points by leveling up your guild! You can level up your guild by doing the quests which randomly shows up on Quest tab and of course by killing bosses! Killing bosses gives you real huge exp! [Guild Emblem and Color] Now you can customize your guild color and make your special emblem. [Guild Permissions] Now you can give roles to your guild members and make more than a leader as well. [Guild House]: You can fully customize it with more than 32 objects. [New Equipment and Apparel Forms] Now you can wear Wings - Pets - Cloak - Swings - Apparels in a separated slot. || [Apparel Form contains] Pet Apparel - Head - Face - Chest - Gloves - Boots - Glow - Dagger - Staff - Bow - Gun - 1Handed Sword - 2Handed Sword - Shield [New Effects System] Now you can keep all your buffs and items effect that you used to lose due to disconnect, teleport or any reason but death. You can now check the buffs and items that your opponent have just by hovering with your mouse on your opponent character. You can now check the buffs and items that your opponent have just by hovering with your mouse on your opponent character. [New Game Setting] Now you can just take off apparels of all players just by changing Apparel value Show To Hide on the Game Setting form. Now you can just take off all the game effects just by changing Effects value Show to Hide. Those 2 values are so important if you're playing on a low computer by changing the value to Hide game performance will be increased. If you're bothered by the buffs and effect state below the hp bar of you or your opponents you can just turn it off by changing the value of State Icon Show to Hide. [Nightmare Demonic Helmet] Nightmare Demonic Helm works as charm with upgrade system and ranks next to your name. [New Stall System] Now you can simply search for the item you want to buy in all the stalls settled in the game. || Now you can open a stall with your item to be sold for gold or to be exchanged with another item of your choose! || [Gold] || [Item] || [New Inventory System] || [New Gold System] No need for million dollar notes anymore! Now you can just turn your gold by one click in your inventory to an item! || || [New Sorting System] Now you can simply sort your inventory by one click [New Items Lock System] Now you can simply lock your items anytime you want and none will be able to unlock it unless he knows your account pin. || || || [Credits Goes For] [Community Links] Website Discord Facebook Youtube Have a nice day, cya in game.
  3. Satan

    Satan's Market

    Hello guys! I don't know if you already know me but I am Satan, i was staff of these games that u may played before: Lost Paradise Online, Pirate War Online, Eclipse Online and Pirate Island Online. I'm also an old member of this great community. I'm here to show you some of my work for the game and if you are interested in any of them or anything you want to do (Lua Scripting), feel free to contact me. Completed Addons: Lone Tower Instance Improved Guild System + Guild Bank (NPC BuyPage) Plant the Bomb Sandy Beach Dungeon Maze Information NPC Pirate Island Online Server Files: This server files was developed by a request a customer ask me for, i was one of the staff members and got total permission and agreement of the owner of the features which was made for it. The Server Files includes: Clean Databases for SQL 2008; Query for Databases Server Files exes and cfgs; Custom Server Launcher; LuaSQL.dll; Custom Bin Compiler; FilterServer v2.2; XeroShop (IGS); Anti DDoS Guardian 3.3 Cracked; SQL Password Generator; Client Files; Common Features: Very organizated archives and scripts; Dream City PK In-game Shop - IGS; LuaSQL.dll; OfflineStall(); AfterEnterGame(role); server_timer(); player_timer(); GetGameServerName(); GetChaTempBagItem() + Belt, Handguard and Bracelets for temporary bag; GetPlayerByID; SafeBuyGuild(); SafeSaleGuild(); SetLock(role); GetItemQuantity(role, slot); SQL Injection[]; WPE/RPE Protection[]; Ping Fix[]; Colored Nicknames with necklaces; Player Level display near their name; In-game Database; GM Tools, using userdata and &Lua command; Functionally Antidupe; Cached common .txt files as like: CharacterInfo, ItemInfo, StoneInfo, MapInfo, SkillInfo, Skilleff; There's a link which contais a PDF file with more features and information and a Youtube channel with some videos about the game: Pirate Island Online - Overview Pirate Island Online - Youtube Channel There are lot more that i didn't mention in that file cause it will take what? almost whole day to write and i forget most things i made before also, omg ... Price: $70. Other completed requests: Massive Wipeout Swing System + Pumping (Replaced with rebirth wings) Furnace of Immortality - Scroll to store apparel effectiveness Fairy Fusion Mod Ring Fusion Mod + Custom Glow PK Mode System In-game Database: finditem, dropinfo, mobinfo BOSS Summon Event Blessed Chest Event Automated Drop Event Special Apparel NPC Admiral Cloak + Enchant + Glows Horoscope Sign + Visual Effect + Boost Shadow Walk Skill BOSS Dungeon Balanced PK Map: Doesn't matter equipment, gem, pet Custom Map Damage: Melee and hit chance VIP System: Attribute bonuses, visual effect, rewards once being VIP, npc with FAQ and VIP Status Payment Method: Paypal Other brazilian payment method . Contacts: PKOdev -> @Satan Discord -> Eviles#2759 Skype -> satansyn6 Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/valdineyeviles Gmail -> valdineyeviles@gmail.com Thank for your time , Satan !
  4. Phai

    Mythzone PKO

    Server Informations: Link: Discord: https://discord.gg/2nVPDbq Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mythzonePKO Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Myth-Legends-Online-111795990368767 Max Level: 150 Max Pet Lv: 103 Solo-exp: 20x Party-exp: 25x Drop-rate: 50x Fairy-growth: 1000x Ship exp: 50x Information & Features: -Balanced Server -Medium server -In-game system to obtain anything so far -Active user support -Black Market NPC -Lottery -More to be added GEMS: - Normal - Unique - Advance - BDS - Azrael - Myth Gems - Special Gems - Extract normal gems at Spring EQUIPMENTS: - Unseal 55, 65, 75, 85 In NPC - Black Dragon Equipment - Uns 95 - Kylin Maps: - Chaos Argent - Demonic World - Dark Swamp - BD Lair - Circle of Death 55 - Circle of Death 150 - Valley of Death - Chaos Icicle - Thundoria Mirage - More to come Rebirths: Farm DW Yetis - 1st Rebirth = 50 Kals - 2nd Rebirth = 99 Kals - 3rd Rebirth = 300 Kals
  5. 1g0rS1lv4

    Game Version

    Could anyone tell me, which line of Game.exe could I be editing the version of game.exe? Img : http://ap.imagensbrasil.org/image/jWnecS @V3ct0r
  6. I Already searched on google but didn't found any files.. Please Give me Website file for Tales Of Pirate..
  7. mastersea

    Daily Quest - Give Me pliz.

    Could someone post Daily Quest please?
  8. Aveatrex

    Begining developement!

    Hello there! Well i am very intersted start scripting tales of pirates,but the problem i really dont know how,where to began if u guys have some tips for me ill appreciate it.Thanks!
  9. 1g0rS1lv4

    Pucca NPC

    Someone would have to NPC Pucca files 1.38?
  10. 1g0rS1lv4

    VIP effect item

    I wonder if someone would have a script that goes to add the VIP effect, for hours, days and months, giving just 2 click on that item and could be providing.