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Found 19 results

  1. Redemption Online

    Redemption Online - Official

    Ahoy Pirates! We would like to announce that we finally made it out to official! Redemption Online [Server Information] [Medium-Hard] [Level Cap]: 90 [Gems Cap]: 5 [Fairy Cap]: 41 [Solo Exp Rate]: 2x [Party Exp Rate]: 4x [Fairy Exp Rate]: 10x [Ship Exp Rate]: 10x [Drop Rate]: 2x [Leveling] Game system provide enough equipment until level 55 to help you to get level up solo or in-party. [Gems] [Refining]: Can be obtained by killing mobs of Forsaken City - Dark Swamp - Demonic World - Bosses. [Normal]: Demonic World - Demonic World 2 mobs - All Normal gems stat bonus are buffed. [Broken]: Forsaken City - Dark Swamp mobs. [Cracked-Chipped]: Forsaken City - Dark Swamp - Demonic World chests - Bosses - Land Fishing. [Jades]: Can be obtained by Bosses. [Rock]: Forsaken City - Dark Swamp - Demonic World chests - Bosses. [Unique]: Can be obtained by solving Sheepskin Scroll - Mazes - Dungeons - Bosses. [Advanced]: Can be obtained by Bosses. [Current Mazes] [Forsaken City] - [Dark Swamp] - [Demonic World]: Every 4 hours. [Chaos Argent]: Every 6 hours. [Nightmare Chaos Icicle]: Every 12 hours. It's a blind PK map where you can't see your opponents names - items or the buffs they got and it cannot be tweaked on client side like top2. [Guild System] Here's a sneak peak of the Guild System: || [Guild Bank] Here you can keep your items and share it with guild members with Guild Vault's access. [Guild Attributes] Now you can get yourself some stat points by leveling up your guild! You can level up your guild by doing the quests which randomly shows up on Quest tab and of course by killing bosses! Killing bosses gives you real huge exp! [Guild Emblem and Color] Now you can customize your guild color and make your special emblem. [Guild Permissions] Now you can give roles to your guild members and make more than a leader as well. [Guild House]: You can fully customize it with more than 32 objects. [New Equipment and Apparel Forms] Now you can wear Wings - Pets - Cloak - Swings - Apparels in a separated slot. || [Apparel Form contains] Pet Apparel - Head - Face - Chest - Gloves - Boots - Glow - Dagger - Staff - Bow - Gun - 1Handed Sword - 2Handed Sword - Shield [New Effects System] Now you can keep all your buffs and items effect that you used to lose due to disconnect, teleport or any reason but death. You can now check the buffs and items that your opponent have just by hovering with your mouse on your opponent character. You can now check the buffs and items that your opponent have just by hovering with your mouse on your opponent character. [New Game Setting] Now you can just take off apparels of all players just by changing Apparel value Show To Hide on the Game Setting form. Now you can just take off all the game effects just by changing Effects value Show to Hide. Those 2 values are so important if you're playing on a low computer by changing the value to Hide game performance will be increased. If you're bothered by the buffs and effect state below the hp bar of you or your opponents you can just turn it off by changing the value of State Icon Show to Hide. [Nightmare Demonic Helmet] Nightmare Demonic Helm works as charm with upgrade system and ranks next to your name. [New Stall System] Now you can simply search for the item you want to buy in all the stalls settled in the game. || Now you can open a stall with your item to be sold for gold or to be exchanged with another item of your choose! || [Gold] || [Item] || [New Inventory System] || [New Gold System] No need for million dollar notes anymore! Now you can just turn your gold by one click in your inventory to an item! || || [New Sorting System] Now you can simply sort your inventory by one click [New Items Lock System] Now you can simply lock your items anytime you want and none will be able to unlock it unless he knows your account pin. || || || [Credits Goes For] [Community Links] Website Discord Facebook Youtube Have a nice day, cya in game.
  2. Phai

    Mythzone PKO

    Server Informations: Link: Discord: https://discord.gg/2nVPDbq Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mythzonePKO Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Myth-Legends-Online-111795990368767 Max Level: 150 Max Pet Lv: 103 Solo-exp: 20x Party-exp: 25x Drop-rate: 50x Fairy-growth: 1000x Ship exp: 50x Information & Features: -Balanced Server -Medium server -In-game system to obtain anything so far -Active user support -Black Market NPC -Lottery -More to be added GEMS: - Normal - Unique - Advance - BDS - Azrael - Myth Gems - Special Gems - Extract normal gems at Spring EQUIPMENTS: - Unseal 55, 65, 75, 85 In NPC - Black Dragon Equipment - Uns 95 - Kylin Maps: - Chaos Argent - Demonic World - Dark Swamp - BD Lair - Circle of Death 55 - Circle of Death 150 - Valley of Death - Chaos Icicle - Thundoria Mirage - More to come Rebirths: Farm DW Yetis - 1st Rebirth = 50 Kals - 2nd Rebirth = 99 Kals - 3rd Rebirth = 300 Kals
  3. Can someone help me please? I've got a VPS and opened my file in there. I've opened the port(s) on control panel as well. However, when I try to login using my laptop to try and play, it doesn't work. It says connection failed. If anyone can help, highly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Hello again guys, I created this video with the idea of promoteing again the tales of pirates private server community. Here you can see my web service related post: Server Files/Game/My Webserver consumers: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A4O161L36d0qJx2AnCksm5crg0Nktdt5 Microsoft SQL SERVER 2014/2017 Installation Guides i used: Good Lucks guys
  5. good I am starting a project of a PKO 2 with the files 2.4 but the GroupServer does not want to initiate me correctly why? I get this error in the log I do not understand why I got this error I even hurt the GroupServer of the Top I that has already started but at the moment it starts I get the same error why ???
  6. Perseus

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    Hello I've been working on a small project to create a better version of our beloved pkoSite. It's still a work in progress but just in case anyone wants to use it and help around with testing or whatever, I'm releasing a minimal version to the public. This version includes Register Login Downloads News Admin panel for both downloads and news I'll update it to include more things such as: Ranking Item Mall Credit Mall IMP Auction Credit Auction Wheel of Fortune Admin panel Logging system ( log all actions performed by admins ) If you have any feature you want , you can let me know in the comments, I'll be happy to add that! I've used the latest database libraries ( SQLSRV ) and laravel as the framework. You'll be able to run this in the latest version of any webserver you want. You can obtain the site from here. Installation guide: First off, you need SQLSRV drivers. Find out what version of PHP you're running and then download those drivers from here. Most of your webservers have thread safety enabled so you're going to want to use the _ts dll files. Take the sqlsrv pdo DLL and the normal sqlsrv dll and put them into your php( this folder will be in your webserver folder. For xampp users -> xampp/php.) -> ext folder. Now, open your php.ini which you'll find in your php folder. Search for "extension=php_" and you should come across something like this. as you can see at the end, I have the sqlsrv dlls added. Do the same for your php.ini file. Now, go here and scroll down till you see this : download the ODBC driver that corresponds to the sqlsrv driver versions you download and install them. That's all for the SQLSRV part. Now, depending on whether you just want to mess around with the website or you want to put it up for production, you have two options. You start a temporary server using artisan (it'll work on the port 8080 and won't interfere with your website) You can edit your HTTPD.CONF file to direct it to the website's public folder and the website will run directly from your browser by going to localhost or your website name. ( WARNING : No other folders on your webserver will be accessible to you if you use this method, i.e, you won't be able to use another site like http://localhost/site2. It won't work.). If you want to go the first route, open your command prompt. Direct yourself to the webserver directory and type in php artisan serve This'll start a server on the 8080 port and you can use the website as you wish. If you want to go the second route, go to your apache folder, and open the httpd.conf file. It should be in the conf folder. Search for the DocumentRoot. It'll be something like this : As you can see I've already changed my document root to the directory that my website is in. Do the same. That does it for the webserver/sqlsrv configuration. Now, adding your database configurations to the website. In the root of the website, there's a file called .env.example. Open the file. Most of the configs are self-explanatory. Change the SITE_INFO_DB_FILE to wherever you've stored your website. Go to google and check their RECAPTCHA page to obtain your RECAPTCHA PUBLIC and PRIVATE keys and just stuff those in the respective fields. IMPORTANT STEP HERE You have to remove the .example part from the .env file, i.e open your word editor and click "save as", choose the "all files" option and remove the .example from the end of the name, so the file is just called .env Open your command prompt, direct yourself to the website directory and type in php artisan key:generate This'll generate a key specific to your website. Go to the database folder(topSite/database/) and just create an empty "SiteInfo.sqlite" file. Run php artisan migrate --database=SiteInfo --path=database/migrations/SiteInfo php artisan migrate --database=GameDB --path=database/migrations/GameDB And you're done! If you want to change the title of the site or whatever, you can find the website's name in the config->app.php file. Let me know if there are any issues, I'll fix them as soon as I can. Some screenshots from the website
  7. gatero

    Tales of Pirates Api Systems

    Let me know what you think about this, depending on that i'll continue de dev. If you have other ideas, feel free to comment it. I'll try later, but if top2 have the same logic for the inventory on game databases, this should work on it too with no changes to the code. Services full installation finishes at min: 4:30 Sory for my english Here are the services. Pirate Club Offline Stall Please give me your thoughts.
  8. Hello guys, Almost a year ago I made use of the service from a guy named WoWo. He's a web developer. I tried to contact him because I want to make use of his service again. Does some body know where he can be found? Please PM me. Thanks!
  9. 1g0rS1lv4

    Game Version

    Could anyone tell me, which line of Game.exe could I be editing the version of game.exe? Img : http://ap.imagensbrasil.org/image/jWnecS @V3ct0r
  10. hello still i'm editing 1.36 clean files i need a partner for a help !
  11. 1g0rS1lv4

    Buying Service Hex

    Buy Hex Service for Game Server has error in Fusion clothing... Fusing equipment that already has apparel with other apparel is giving this error and all IDs are below 5999.
  12. KOP/PKO/TOP Development Services - Binary hooking/patching - Adding functionality to 1.3x executables - Lua services Works Done and Deployed: - Visible player level in name for Game.exe - Coloured Name (equipment based and static colours) for Game.exe - Bankable items for GameServer.exe - Removing Apparel limits (GameServer.exe and Game.exe) - LuaSQL extension (GameServer.exe) - Swing (Game.exe) - PacketHandler at Lua Level (GameServer.exe) - One click IGS (no security password) - Say function fix for NPCs and monsters Services: this includes custom modification upon request For more details please send a private message Coloured Name: One click IGS:
  13. 1g0rS1lv4

    Erro Can not speak.

    Can not speak? Print : http://ap.imagensbrasil.org/image/jGudU2 I cannot speak in game. Help-me. @mkhzaleh @Ximboliex @Sk3let0n
  14. mastersea

    Erro GameServer.exe Help-me

    My gameserver.exe is giving this following error how to solve?
  15. mastersea

    Daily Quest - Give Me pliz.

    Could someone post Daily Quest please?
  16. mastersea

    PKO 2.4

    Database pko 2.4 is not compatible with pko site 1.38? To create accounts?
  17. Maximilian

    Let's discuss this game's Philosophy

    This post wants to be mainly , but not only , a critique of most "modern" private servers. The critique revolves mainly arround one question. What was the philosophy behind this game? What were Molio developpers thinking while making this game? I can for sure say what they were not planning : a Player versus Player focused game. If you look at the focus of two mechanics : Quests and Crafting (all the kinds of it) , the game in it's inception was conceived to be collaboration between players and competition between group of players. The idea of 1v1 was , *is* , ridiculous ; the original power creep of DPS classes was extremely low compared to what it later became , to kill an 'easy' boss you needed collaboration of ~ 10 players and even 50+ for the most complex ones. The fact that the max number of players into a single guild is 80 and not , for example , 30 is not some kind of miscalculation , it's intended and it makes perfect sense in a game which was designed to have at most an influx of two or three unique gems per week . Now , I am not saying that the community doesn't understand this , there are and were plenty of 'old school' server which followed this philosophy , maybe not understanding it but they still followed it. What is the purpose of this thread? Simply to open up this discussion , before implementing new maps , before implementing new features , before implementing new things developpers should think , "what's the purpose of what i am doing?" and "does it tie in with the game?". Simply put ToP doesn't have the game engine fit do be a PvP game , however it is fit to be a cooperative MMO with sprinkles of competition , it is really underperforming in some aspects , and it doesn't have widely avaliable more modern mechanics , so to follow its philosophy where should we focus? Bin your ideas of solo-farming based economies : it guts the spirit of magic classes (low indipendence , strong power multiplier) Bin your ideas of new "cool" mazes , people cannot play 24/7 and fall behind the curve if one day real life makes it impossible to play for them. Focus in how to modernize and/or reconstruct what arleadly exist to fuffill the purpose it had in it's inception.
  18. 1g0rS1lv4

    Pucca NPC

    Someone would have to NPC Pucca files 1.38?
  19. 1g0rS1lv4

    VIP effect item

    I wonder if someone would have a script that goes to add the VIP effect, for hours, days and months, giving just 2 click on that item and could be providing.