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Found 4 results

  1. Hello world! I buy the System Guild Bank. If anyone knows, please contact me. Thank you.
  2. 1g0rS1lv4

    Guild Name...

    Would someone have the guild name change script available, to pass me?
  3. V3ct0r

    Getting guild leader ID

    Getting guild leader ID Hello friends! In this guide I will tell you how to get leader ID of any guild: local guild_id = 100 local leader_id = GetGuildLeaderID(guild_id) Notice("Guild ID " .. guild_id .. " leader ID: " .. leader_id) First of all, open file exp_and_level.lua and find function DeductGuildItem. Then before this string if Guild_type == 1 then add the following code: local file = io.open("guild/"..GetChaGuildID(role)..".txt", "w+") if file ~= nil then file:write (GetRoleID(role)) file:close() end It will write leader ID into file with name of guild ID. Now we should develop GetGuildLeaderID(<guild_id>) function. Put to file functions.lua this code: function GetGuildLeaderID(guild_id) local leader_id = 0 local file = io.open("guild/" .. guild_id.. ".txt", "r") if (file ~= nil) then leader_id = file:read("*n") file:close() end return leader_id end That's all!
  4. helo i just was looking for some help i created my server but i still need to know how to move all Resource from server files to see it ingame client when i run my game and i need help to make auto update --...also what need to make website for register and item mall --.. and how can i open all maps cuz i have only one map so what should i do