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Found 1 result

  1. Sultan

    Sky Pirates Online

    Looking for an exciting PK server along with all new unique features? Then go ahead and try Sky Pirates Online ;) New Features: -All new PK! Everyone has same stats! -Gain exp by defeating opponents -Unlock new apparels and items -Enhanced PK Concept -Completely new game with many new features -Unlock over 1,000+ apparels in-game, new NPCs, new Fairies and much more -Level up by defeating other players in PK mazes -Classes are balanced, no one is stronger than the other -Prestige System: Once you hit level 80, you will be able to Prestige and get special items and reset back to level 1. & even much more!!! Server links: @ www.sky-pirates.net @ www.discord.gg/6WemGRD Official trailer: