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  1. xEvo7

    PayPal chargebacks and annoying users!

    @Yosef @Andy what you can do here is you guys get a proof or show their account that has "Points" on their account and and have a screenshot about your rules in your website that is donation is not refundable. send it to paypal and they will decline the "Players Chargeback" or maybe give the buyer money back (Buyers protection) AND paypal will not take money from you (Seller) anymore.
  2. xEvo7

    Google Cloud Platform

    lots of settings that needs to be set, block, limited network data, (they will terminate any hosting service, its on the terms and conditions), no ddos protection, and more... however, you can use it for fun. maybe host a server that will your friends play etc. when you register you get 300 credits + 12 months free trial..
  3. xEvo7

    Google Cloud Platform

    you probably put your card wrong or maybe you've used it before in other google account. btw i dont recommend you using this to run a server for public. maybe for friends go for it. its free anyways. have fun
  4. xEvo7

    Commands and Chat are not working

    check your file/gameserver.exe if it requires a handlechat function
  5. I've been thinking alot about how people nowadays can get a vps / dedi machine... first of all, 4-5 years ago... people uses Computer to host a PS. Maybe a hamachi to let other people connect to your server when you cant make your port open. People these days can open a server with a vps / dedi machines already... where did they get them? Did they buy them? Where did they get their money? What happened to the world? Does each country makes a new ways of getting money? Why am i asking this questions? Im just curious because i miss the old tales of pirates / PS where people make hardwork on top files using hamachi. Does closing SERVERDEV made an impact to top/pko community? Does closing OFFICIAL TOP made an impact to top/pko community?
  6. xEvo7

    New TOP/PKO Gaming Experience From China

    The question here is can it be copy using their chinese lang and game?
  7. xEvo7

    Offline Stall

    looking for the same mod. i dont have a skype, is there any other way of communication? @KONG
  8. xEvo7

    Exchange with v3ctor game server

    @Rafael Hello, You need to add the exchange function in variable.lua Search for ChangeItemList add your exchanger like this ChangeItemList[ 248 ]= { 855 , 600 , 803 , 1 } 855 = (Required Item) 600 = (Quantity of required item) 803 = (GiveItem when exchange) 1 = (Quantity of give item) Correct me if im wrong.
  9. xEvo7

    Zend Server License

    Yep! You're right!
  10. xEvo7

    Game Version

    @1g0rS1lv4 i can help you with that via teamviewer.
  11. xEvo7

    Official TOP

    Cant forget those days where i trade all my private server items for top official items so that i can save all the items before private server close or wipe xddd but now.... no more... since top official has closed. Players on top has decreased due to alot of better video games and console nowadays.
  12. xEvo7

    Question About Stealth

    Thank you!!
  13. xEvo7

    Question About Stealth

    So guys, i disabled stealth in a pk map... but some players were able to use their stealth outside the pk map and they enter with stealth mode inside.. How can i prevent this? Thanks in advance
  14. @Shako Thanks for trying to help. i got a solution for my problem now. Ty