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  1. BugsBunny

    Zankza Died irl.

    thoughts ? https://pirateking.online/threads/in-memory-of-zankza.6124/
  2. BugsBunny

    Movement Speed Bonus to an item in X Slot

    What's the point? There are Necks for this.
  3. BugsBunny

    Top Mounts

  4. BugsBunny

    Top Mounts

    Soooo.... wondering if anybody can get the mounts textures and animations from chinese PKO and make it work here , Would be awesome
  5. BugsBunny

    Weird chat bug

    Hello guys , recently i discovered that my game somehow got bugged . I have no idea what i did wrong but when i just hit & symbol and write ''m'' it appears a full screen window with a map picture, also when i hit 5 it takes screenshots, and sometimes i can move the screen , zoom in and out , or make UI disappear . Any idea whats wrong?
  6. BugsBunny

    Forge rate

    Thank you very much mate ! <3
  7. BugsBunny

    Forge rate

    Hmm, how do i set up my own Forge rate? For example 100% from lv1 to lv3 , 90% , lv4 to lv6 , 50% lv7 , 40% lv8 , 30% lv9?
  8. BugsBunny

    <Help> Experience 100-130

    Hello guys, i am looking for some help. Id like to make characters max level 130 . When i reach lvl 100, even with 100% exp they wont level up. Id like to know how i can fix this, and also if there's a way to fix level jumps . Thanks <3
  9. BugsBunny

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    Do the textures/design can be modified????
  10. BugsBunny

    Protect your GM Commands

    Third party programs
  11. BugsBunny

    Protect your GM Commands

    Just curious. How to give items using a TPS???
  12. BugsBunny

    Tales of pirates files for linux?

    Use VM ?
  13. BugsBunny

    Halites, and extensions.

    It's gem transfer system from top2 files . Here
  14. BugsBunny

    Halites, and extensions.

    That would be interesting. Im looking for that too!
  15. BugsBunny

    bai bai

    Army is gonna change the way you see the world. And probably you gonna stop haunting this places....