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  1. BugsBunny

    Create a Quest

    Great, thank you @Angelix ! I never made a quest but question is, do i have to edit "Day-week-year" stuff or this is how they work?
  2. BugsBunny

    Foxlv2 Server files!

    Hmm, I was wondering if anyone fixed 2.4 files already, bugs, blackdoors and stuff ?
  3. BugsBunny

    Create a Quest

    @Angelix Hello there <3 How can I create a Daily quest just like the Winter one ?
  4. BugsBunny

    Increase rate with cmd

    Link pls :3
  5. Ahoy pirates, I'm back to business, still can't take out of my mind the concept of ToP private server. Just for my own curiosity, as I plan to invest on this, I'd like to know how much money costs nowadays to build a stable private server in real money. Services as Hosting (trusted, not like I will give away access to my files to Hoster) , Anti DDoS and firewall, Anti dupe ( if anyone has the best anti dupe, I want it) and so on, I'm waiting for examples :)
  6. BugsBunny

    Creating a website from scratch

    Hello mate, you can find everything you need here : https://pkodev.net/index.php?/forum/13-guides/
  7. BugsBunny

    Zankza Died irl.

    thoughts ? https://pirateking.online/threads/in-memory-of-zankza.6124/
  8. BugsBunny

    Movement Speed Bonus to an item in X Slot

    What's the point? There are Necks for this.
  9. BugsBunny

    Top Mounts

  10. BugsBunny

    Top Mounts

    Soooo.... wondering if anybody can get the mounts textures and animations from chinese PKO and make it work here , Would be awesome
  11. BugsBunny

    Weird chat bug

    Hello guys , recently i discovered that my game somehow got bugged . I have no idea what i did wrong but when i just hit & symbol and write ''m'' it appears a full screen window with a map picture, also when i hit 5 it takes screenshots, and sometimes i can move the screen , zoom in and out , or make UI disappear . Any idea whats wrong?
  12. BugsBunny

    Forge rate

    Thank you very much mate ! <3
  13. BugsBunny

    Forge rate

    Hmm, how do i set up my own Forge rate? For example 100% from lv1 to lv3 , 90% , lv4 to lv6 , 50% lv7 , 40% lv8 , 30% lv9?
  14. BugsBunny

    <Help> Experience 100-130

    Hello guys, i am looking for some help. Id like to make characters max level 130 . When i reach lvl 100, even with 100% exp they wont level up. Id like to know how i can fix this, and also if there's a way to fix level jumps . Thanks <3
  15. BugsBunny

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    Do the textures/design can be modified????