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  1. Leba

    Exchanger NPC

    You have to add an appropriate ChangeItemList[] line in variable.lua too if I remember right.
  2. Leba

    How to make tweaks?

    PO's binary files are encrypted and their client checks to see if the file's original, from what I know. I believe the only way besides decrypting the files is to directly edit the binary.
  3. Leba

    How to make tweaks?

    Try using deguix's lua decompiler. It should be somewhere on these forums. As for using original files, from personal experience you should be able to use different files as well but it's generally better to use the original decompiled one, as some servers check to see if the file is original. Also it may be worth mentioning which server you are trying to do it on, as some servers are known to have encrypted binary files or a client which checks whether it's the original file.
  4. Leba

    How to make tweaks?

    For animation tweak, you need to edit CharacterAction.tx, though as I know there is no guide on how the file works. For "bless effect tweak" or any similar tweak (visual effect on exp/drop state, bless, buffs, debuffs), you need to edit the skilleff.bin file. (changing one parameter)
  5. Leba

    Hull Repair bug

    Try moving local sklv = 1 one tab backwards.
  6. Leba

    How do i add item ???

    There's probably guides for it somewhere in the archives or on these forums. All items are located in ItemInfo.txt, and each line (each item) has its own parameters; stats, tradeability, price, to name a few. Using CSVed is recommended, as editing those parameters is (subjectively) more intuitive. Either you make a new, empty line, and edit it as you wish, or copy a line from an existing item (preferably similar to the one you're trying to create) and simply edit the parameters you need to edit. Every Item needs to have a different ID.
  7. Leba

    A new kind of PKO

    Anything can work, given the features draw attention, you advertise enough and you open at a proper time, but most people seem to be hot for servers which feature longevity. This led a lot of devs to focus on vanilla or close-to-vanilla servers, because the standard goals on such servers by themselves require a fair bit of time and effort. Additionally, due to the general nature of these servers, catching up is a lot more realistic and easier to do. As for the features/maps themselves, it's difficult to say if players are more keen on PvP or PvE, as it boils down to personal preference. Though you definitely don't want to overdo it. Too many PK maps either means too many rewards and consistency being required more than average (not something everyone can afford) or maps meant for pure PK which no one will want to go to for obvious reasons. Same principle applies to PvE; either they're too rewarding and you need to no-life them (especially early on) or they're not and no one will want to waste their time whacking mobs or bosses for hours if the reward is little. This is just the way I see it and what I've concluded from being a fairly active player in private servers for quite awhile now. In the end, how you want to shape your server is your choice, though the community is extremely picky, and not many players are willing to try something that doesn't seem promising right off the bat (or something that's not advertised properly) and even fewer are willing to stay and keep the server going.
  8. Leba

    Creating weapon glow

    Is it possible to mix glows using this method? I've managed to make weapons glow either red, blue or yellow (and green but less important) but I'm interested in the possibility of making a weapon glow purple for example (as it would with a red + blue gem), rather than either blue or red. Additionally, does anyone know where the colors each gem provides are stored or how exactly the system works?
  9. Leba

    Pirate Club Pirates Online

    It is, most likely because the feature - designed this way - fits the server's rates, speed and gameplay. On high rate servers which usually have instant leveling, it is not worth trying to implement something of the sort, while in lower rate/vanilla ones, it becomes a nightmare to balance properly as it's either too rewarding, hence abusable, or not worth it.
  10. You should check out his NPC script and see if that message appears somewhere in there or if you have a faulty condition for the trigger. If you don't know how to do it, go to your server files > garner (Argent map) > garnernpc.txt, look for Sinbad there and his function should be something like r_talk. Find the function in one of the NpcScript files and see from there.
  11. In the OP, it would be easier to read if you used a brighter color for the keywords/files, as it looks fairly difficult to read on the dark background. Otherwise, great guide.
  12. Leba

    Create a new MOB in Argent City?

    Find the map folder in your server files where you want to create the monster at (for argent it's 'garner'), and open the monster_conf file (garnermonster_conf.lua for Argent). There you can create a spawn point for a monster. Just follow the template other monsters use.
  13. Leba

    Max disciples

    Are you by any chance using v2 files? Because from my experience (as a player though), the disciple system worked differently in ToP 2 and the maximum number of disciples wasn't limited by graduated ones (lv41+), as is the case in v1. I could be horribly wrong because it's been so long, but worth a try.
  14. Leba

    stall gold limit

    It is, but as far as I know, only PKO has this feature.
  15. Leba

    Reset Char Book

    Maybe try and take a look at the rebirth script, and add the stat/skill reset part to a consumable item when used.