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  1. Sultan

    New Exploits?

  2. Sultan

    Database(lottery system) problem

    Great mods bro! share plz~ XD
  3. Sultan

    stall gold limit

    How would it be changing "Money" to "Item" for example? Is it possible to make it what player wants? Like specifying an Item ID or Item Name for the stall item? Let's say: * I'm selling in my Stall "Kylin Armor", I want for it "Short Sword" item. Is that possible? If not, how can we change "Money" to "Item"? Example: * Money to ItemID [Million Dollar Notes]
  4. Sultan

    New Exploits?

  5. Sultan

    New Exploits?

    So I've heard there are some new exploits going around in private servers. Kindly can someone share them out and if possible with their fixes? I've heard that there is issue with "Can create new players with changing the Attributes and stats, for example having 100 STR for a level 1 player". What would be the solution for such problem? What new exploits awaits too? Thank you
  6. Sultan

    stall gold limit

    Helpful! Much appreciated. But there should be one issue, if you leave your stall opened with such high amount of gold Let's say: 2 items (999m and 999m) that would result to 2 billion be sent to inventory and the inventory will not stand having more than 2 billions and all money would be lost. What would be the solution for that?
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering is there is a way to "decompile" Gameserver.exe to source code so we can easily add/edit for additional features, etc? Thank you so much
  8. Sultan

    Fastpanel tricks

    Did anyone manage to make the additional bar to use-able in Keyboard keys: 1~5?
  9. Sultan

    [Extension] Simple Random Notice System

    Remove "function Notice()", I clearly didn't ask in guide to add this. Follow steps provided. If you want to load a file, just go to extensions and add it OR follow this: 1st: -Add the file in (resource/script/calculate/) 2nd: -go to skilleffect.lua (located at: resource/script/calculate/skilleffect.lua) 3rd: open it and add this line dofile(GetResPath("script/calculate/index.lua"))
  10. Sultan

    PK Mode - HandleChat

    Nice system!
  11. Hello!

    1. quad


      hi. welcome back :) 

  12. whats the pass for GetPlayerByName v0.2?

    1. Sultan


      Sorry, I do not remember.

    2. BlackBarba


      can help me here?


  13. Sky Pirates Online 4th Year Anniversary Video entry by Anonymity+: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9I6Iw6kdmc

  14. Happy 4th Year Anniversary!!!

  15. Sultan

    Game Froze between zone transitions

    There is a solution for music issue, change format from .mp3 to .ogg