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  1. Experience new TOP/PKO fully PK server (All Same Stats so doesn't matter if new/old player, Unlock new apparels, new effects & more)

  2. Sultan

    Imp Item (Card)

    Replace "LuaSQL" to "LuaSql"
  3. Sultan

    Imp Item (Card)

    is the LuaSql system working/loaded just fine? From error in LUA_ERR specified it says that it doesn't know what is "LuaSql" to begin with.
  4. Sultan

    Imp Item (Card)

    You must use other luasql system as I said. The one you're using will hang your system. For example, if you use it for another purpose and many players logged and used it your gameserver will hang.
  5. Sultan

    Imp Item (Card)

    This will let your system to hang for couple of secs. I've stopped using it. You should use other "LuaSQL" version provided.
  6. Sultan

    GetPlayerByName /playeffect

    GetPlayerByName Inside variables.lua roles = {} Inside cha_timer local name = GetChaDefaultName(role) if(roles[name] == nil)then roles[name] = role end Inside functions.lua function GetPlayerByName(name) return roles[name] end Note: Delete anything related to GetPlayerByName or roles table.
  7. Sultan

    About Client "Invisible Items"

    For me, When I open trade for Apparel Shop it always happens because of the many icons loaded as you clearly said. Would there be a way to fix this issue tho? Like increasing the limit for it. That would be much appreciated! Thanks
  8. Sultan

    Buildings and Models disappear

    I also tried doing that (forgot to mention), still no fix. V3ctor's swing bug fix tool deletes the unused models in effects (which I deleted all of them and still problem exists)... and no, I do not use Swing's models nor I have them in my Client.
  9. Hello, I have a problem as you can see people -NPCs, Models, Character models, etc disappear... I am not using Swings, Does anyone have a solution or idea? What have I tried: -I tried deleting almost all model/effect and still error occurs -I tried using old sceneeffectinfo and same problem Does it have to be to the "current" online players? or something that client get buggy?
  10. Kindly answer me on Skype. Thank you

  11. Sultan

    New Exploits?

  12. Sultan

    Database(lottery system) problem

    Great mods bro! share plz~ XD
  13. Sultan

    stall gold limit

    How would it be changing "Money" to "Item" for example? Is it possible to make it what player wants? Like specifying an Item ID or Item Name for the stall item? Let's say: * I'm selling in my Stall "Kylin Armor", I want for it "Short Sword" item. Is that possible? If not, how can we change "Money" to "Item"? Example: * Money to ItemID [Million Dollar Notes]
  14. Sultan

    New Exploits?

  15. Sultan

    New Exploits?

    So I've heard there are some new exploits going around in private servers. Kindly can someone share them out and if possible with their fixes? I've heard that there is issue with "Can create new players with changing the Attributes and stats, for example having 100 STR for a level 1 player". What would be the solution for such problem? What new exploits awaits too? Thank you