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  1. whats the pass for GetPlayerByName v0.2?

    1. Sultan


      Sorry, I do not remember.

    2. BlackBarba


      can help me here?


  2. Sky Pirates Online 4th Year Anniversary Video entry by Anonymity+: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9I6Iw6kdmc

  3. Happy 4th Year Anniversary!!!

  4. Sultan

    Game Froze between zone transitions

    There is a solution for music issue, change format from .mp3 to .ogg
  5. Accounts locked temporarily - Enjoy Fresh SPO!!!


    -Offline Stall Feature Added

    -Instant +12 Forge

    -Corp Kylin/Unseal 95



    Give it a shot! :)

    1. Sieg


      Sulltan can you contact me on skype, djaloshi_legend@hotmail.com

      It's important :)

      Thank you

  6. Promo & events awaits you!




  7. Sultan

    Setting Game.exe CPU affinity from start.bat

    I'm quite interested in this thread, mind explaining what it does? Thanks a lot

    New Update - 2017/05/25 is now live!!! :smile:


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    -One main city all-in-one: SPO Town
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    -Free level 10 kylin, corporeal kylin, unseal 95 and more
    -New custom unique UI
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  10. Sultan

    Extract gems[ring,neck]

    Change local ItemType = CheckItem_CanJinglian(Item_mainitem) To local ItemType = CheckItem_CanJinglian(MainEquip)
  11. Sultan


    Are you very sure that 1.3x doesn't do problems for the models? I have the same problem right here. I'm using TOP II Swings directly from the client to 1.3x.
  12. Sultan

    How to increase temporary bag capacity

    @V3ct0r Is there a possibility yet for Bank capacity increase? It would be really good and useful feature.
  13. Sultan

    Requesting pkoDev people skypes :D

  14. Sultan

    Disable Stealth

    Check stealth skill "skill_ys_end" and put something like... if(map == "garner2")then --disable skill function (can be found within any skill function) return end
  15. Sultan

    [Request]Orb Effect System

    Basically, what he is asking for is what ROSO's has (as always; no shame in yourself..) Link for info: http://rage-sage.com/home.php?act=newsview&id=332#petorb PRO tip: It's exactly how Corporeal Kylin & Black Dragon effects works. Try to check them plus try to check how "Berserk" skill for pets works.