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  1. Thanks for replying wolfenx! But changing those lines did not work. As you can see there is an access violation when it tries to load the CL_LANGUAGE_MATCH_35 from en_US.res, but Im really not sure if thats the issue, because I tried initializing that vector with hardcoded strings ([0] = "philips description", [1] = "lance description" ... ) and the violation changed its place to "xlocale" file, so it didnt help at all. Im also not sure why LoadResString takes 2 quotation marks (3 since #a encloses it one more time?) Update: I manage to compile it without an access violation by changing the vector to a switchcase (thanks to deguix top-recode src) However that still isnt enough to make the client work. Now it simply ends returning zeros: (Thread x was closed with code 0) It is quite frustrating when you have no clue as to where the problem is. Should I use an external debugger like Olly? Would that even help? Im kinda lost here.
  2. Hello everyone, first time posting here since a long time. Ive talked to some of you on Discord already, but I figured this might be worth the try. I managed to compile the 2016 client from source (that is, the 1.3x-2.0 source). However, nothing seems to happen when I launch Game.exe. Ive attached VS debugger and it seems to be a problem addressing the string (RES_STRING function), I tried changing that to a hardcoded string but no luck. I'm using VS2019, with SDK 10.0.18362.0, and Platform Tools v142. Also using the Common folder from the "Fixed Server Files". Did anyone else have this issue? Thanks for reading. PS: Ive compiled the en_US.txt localization file using the genrb.exe provided in Common/bin/, and Game.loc seems to be OK.