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  1. Como crear o diseñar autopatcher

    "I want to know how to create or design my own autopatcher and what program to use to design it. Another thing that program used to create the npc and design arg city because I want to add pucca and dream city could give me a little plis"
  2. Performance Sluggish on Windows 8

    This can be due to having gaming devices or other software, to me I own Razer products, uninstalling Razer Synapse and then re-booting and then re-installing Razer Synapse again solves the problem temporarily.
  3. Hosting server from home
  4. Game.exe stop working

    @SD13 Better to start from scratch.
  5. Help w/ Server

    Scripts>table - Client.
  6. Help w/ Server
  7. PKO Base Files

    Not to my knowledge.
  8. PKO Base Files

    2.4 Provides no protection, it is best to work on 1.3x
  9. casting pots

    If you are looking to tweak pots in another server, the only possible thing would be Ship manu items no? Otherwise, you can add effects that become a big attraction when someone uses bless pot. Healing Pots + Cheat Engine works, Giving Lv5 manu items like flash bomb to lv1 flash bomb won't work, but your cool down will just become longer but the stun doesn't get extended.
  10. Game.exe stop working Put your iteminfo.txt in your client, this bat in your client folder and use this bat file and OK on all errors.
  11. Wisdom Pirates Online

    Server Information Website Discord Facebook Group Facebook Page Max Level: 110 Pet Max Level: 42 Solo Exp : 2x Drop Rate :2x Party Exp :3x Fairy Exp :300x Maps: Argent Shaitan Icicle --------- Forsaken City Dark Swamp Bounty Hunter --------- Demonic World Kingbattle Ground Death Circle Chaos Argent Chaos Icicle --------- Gems: Novice Gems(+2) Standard Gems(+3) Expert Gems (+4) Ugems (+5) Great Gems (+6) Black Dragon Gems Ring Gems (Dodge/Hit/Movement/Hp/Def) Neck Gems (Movement/Def/Hp) Advance Gems (Lock/Bings/Chiatan/Feng/Shark) --------- Farming: Cutting Wood: Exchange 60 wood for 1 kal Farming Reputation for Rep Cards (Rep Store) Exchange King of Ring Emblem for things Farming in Demonic World 1 mob = 1m Weekly Events DW 1 = Upgrade Rings DW 2 = Uns85 Weps DW 1/2 Quest = Gem Vouchers Reputation (Mob Grants Random 1-3k Rep + Exchange for Rep Card = Items) --------- Equips: Death Knight (Unseal 40) Mini Rings (Lv45) Unseal 85/95 Unseal 85 Rings Colored Rings(Mall) Corp Set/Stone Novice/Standard/Expert Necklace (+8/+9/+10) Donation Necklace (+15) --------- Cosmetics: Special App (Bonus Stats when fused) Wings Cat Ears/Frog Cap/Bear Cap/Bear --------- Donation Pets: Max Level: 42 When Poss grants additional stats (Such as PR etc) (Over 20 pets to choose from) --------- Server Features: --------- Guild Name Colors Player Name Colors Offline Stall Custom Icons Magic Shield Intense on All magic class Bow Stun Skill Primal Rage Stun Skill Boss Timer All Class/Gender Instant Skills WPO Skin with additional skill bar -------- Rebirth System: Rebirth 1 Rebirth 2 (Coming Later)
  12. Creating New Set Glow Effect

    Try around the lines of 5467 , I tested and sometimes it depends on where you put the code from line range.
  13. PKO 2.4 Fairy Poss

    Edit: Fixed.