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  1. GOAT

    TOP Private Servers now days

    I’ve played it since launch date it was very good in the beginning until they put out those RNG boxes which screwed up the game because they contained OP gems if you did not spend money you would miss out on the good stuff. Most people bought gold from illegal bot services to be topped gear. It was fun while it lasted, I still know someone who plays it but it’s only because they’ve spent massive amount of money into the game.
  2. GOAT

    TOP Private Servers now days

    Blade & Soul was pay to win, the only balance you had was in PvP arena where skills mattered and not gears. Quest and faction pk was fun but gets boring. Blackwyrm = Black dragon Crimson vs Zerulean = Pirates vs Navy Soul stones = Mining Crystals Soul Shields = Temp Bag items with dmg stats Gear upgrading Path = Blueprints Gems giving max stats = Not having Gem lvls and rather a passive bonus E.G + 300 damage. Max level is lv1 Otherwise crafting for a higher tier would be from farming items lots of of ideas to implement from Blade & Soul but takes time to do the work and also issues with copy right. In my opinion Blade & Soul would have been a perfect game had it not been due to pay to win. The graphics and combat system is amazing. And I had ran the game at 15 FPS back then and still enjoyed it.
  3. GOAT

    Server Files by GOAT

    Think of it like this, people malled, you tried your best to keep server alive, after all you've done, players decide to chargeback their money because the server is dead. But you kept your end of the deal with your best keeping it alive. If you're relating this to a business company which has a bigger name and reputation like CYBERPOWERPC or such then yes refund is possible, if you met a guy on craigslist or facebook market and you buy their stuff, and found it defective a few days later, you can't refund it because they'll state that you broke their stuff. Anyways, I've already mentioned that I've sold a few files/website to others, if you want some proof so you don't feel "scammed" let me know. As I mentioned, if you are not satisfied with the terms and condition, you can seek another person. As being said, I don't trust new members due to the "register" being back opened so people can sign up for multiple accounts. Also take in account that we are in the TOP territory, not some known business.
  4. GOAT

    Server Files by GOAT

    I told him basic stuff can be found in pkodev forums, if he refuses to go and learn and expect me to help with every situation then wouldn’t I be better off running a server? Everyone started at the same place I was a player before I decided to see what was behind this bull shit scheme. Every thing related to top is pure bull shit. The only ones that seem less crooked are the ones who try to make new shit and not just use the same shit over and over. If you expect to do nothing and receive something good then look elsewhere. I faced the same situation where I had to ask for help which I am greatful for. When I was refused of help I took my time to learn by trial and error and because of that in the end I was able to create this. I made Almost 8k USD off this TOP shit so don’t tell me TOP ain’t no scamming shit. Everyone who’s involved is a part of it. Here’s a good song to listen to. And here I quote some of the words from the song. Everything grows, it's destined to change I love you lil' niggas, I'm glad that you came I hope that you scrape every dollar you can I hope you know money won't erase the pain To the OGs, I'm thankin' you now Was watchin' you when you was pavin' the ground I copied your cadence, I mirrored your style
  5. GOAT

    Server Files by GOAT

    The errors that they make? They have no knowledge of fixing simple stuff and expect me to work for them as if I was the server owner. They can’t even compile and iteminfo and open the same gameserver twice and says that my files map are bugged. And when I do fix them they have their “friend” try to fix my already fixed solution and end up saying it’s not working. Is it my fault? Hmm. And last time I checked your ass is just robbing people’s files I know you have a copy of my Fantasy Pirates because of previous people I personally gave to.
  6. GOAT

    Server Files by GOAT

    Got any proof that it was made by you? If so please do.
  7. https://youtu.be/e8CLsYzE5wk

  8. Server files by GOAT Version: 1.38 Price: $100 Organized Items with Labels Re-detailed Equipment Label views Organized Wording bonus on gems Effect shown above players head when using Party EXP/Amps Colored Character Names (Necklace Apparel) Effect Rings (Ring Apparel) New Class (White Knight) Rebirth System added for White Knight 23 Pets (Not including 2nd Gen or Normal Fairys/Mordo Jr) Mordo Junior Marriage - Creates Rear Pets Expert Fairy Skills (Expert Berserk/Novice/Magic/Recover/Medi) Forging Tools - Fusion Core, Universal Plier, Reforge Potion 110%/120% Upgrade, Gem Re-arrange slot, Defusion Apparel Fast Combiner Lv4 (Doesn't remove gem if player has lv4 in inventory) Lots of Apparels Including (Shield Apparels for White Knight/Magic Classes/Swordsmans) Infinity Amp of Luck (Never runs out) Career Lot (All bonuses receive in 2 clicks) Upgrading Cloaks Lv1-7 Forgeable Runestones (Cloak Gems) Upgrading Headband (+1 - +10) Fishing System PK Ranking System Q&A NPC Online Reward Box (Counts players time online and rewards after X time on) Customizeable Black Market System System Notice on what your equipment becomes after forging Re-worded Failing/Success Forging & Combining System Message Instant Skills Npc Brace/Handguard/Belt System [Via Temp Bag] 7 Guild colored identifier system Fusing 2x Sealed Lv55 for 1 Unseal lv55 Enchanting Stats on Unseal Lv55/Unseal Lv65 Weapons Magic Melee on Magic Classes Black TOP 2 Client skin "/" Shortcuts Punishments for characters who relog in a maze ( 120 Seconds ) Custom Map Configurations in Lua file (Allows Anything to spawn according to time and never late) Map Portal Counts (How Many Are Inside) Demonic World 3 Nightmare Icicle Dream City PK Gold Conversion via Bank Adjustable Drop System via Monster Kill - Can give item to temp bag with a specific/defined drop rate [Available Gems (Can be toggled on or off)] [Normal] [Broken] [Cracked] [Chipped] [Unique] [Black Dragon] [Great] [Azrael] [Advanced] [Runes] [New Black Dragon Treasure] Sacrafice 1 Item for X Equipment, must have 0 Curse Points Website: Price: $50 Contains Item Mall GM Logged Status Facebook Status Donation Status Float Message Slide Show Secured Admin Log-In (Seperate from Normal Log in) If you are interested, add me on Discord 𝒟𝒶𝓃𝓃𝓎#2861 (Serious Inquiries only) Server Files: $100 Website: $50 Together: $130 Also selling a Fortnite account $250
  9. GOAT

    Ancient Online

    Don't really care anymore, TOP community toxic as fuck. I do what players request and I still get bashed on, my kindness in the past was taken for granted so I started not giving a fuck. Used to help people there and here but now I don't give a flying fuck. Used to work like a fucken dog for past servers, now I hope to see other admins work just as hard and not go after money and shit when I don't see any improvements on their servers.
  10. is your server still running?


  11. GOAT

    Ancient Online

  12. I hired you to fix clinet for use. Other languages?

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      I don’t translate.