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  1. GOAT

    Game Wont Start

    I think it’s something to do with Windows Service Pack or hardware issue as I can recall a player having this issue.
  2. GOAT

    Community Source Code Development

    Npc Dialogue Base: Normal default color - Dark Blue Use: It can be helpful for players when reading options before clicking. Open Game.exe with any Hex-editor Look for 0xFF0000AF Address: Replace: Value with any R,G,B value you wish. -> Must convert and reverse order Final Result: Change hover color to other color
  3. GOAT

    PKO 1.38 Addons

    Pm me your team view info if you have TV. Edit: Solved, faulty : Program generated unaccepted string. Applied Notepad++.
  4. GOAT

    PKO 1.38 Addons

    If you changed only the gems at +27 Script, then you are not referring to the correct script of the item. Sure it shows that error, but you mis-edit somewhere else. If you can't find it, I suggest posting the gem script, or replacing ItemEffect.lua (Assuming you didn't edit anything else).
  5. GOAT

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    I guess I would have no idea then, I would assist in teamviewer, but in my opinion, working on these files are a waste of time they are nice for display, but without the ORIGINAL owners its sort of a bitter taste. Though the Server executable s are valuable, but require some fixing.
  6. GOAT

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Those interested in getting pass ItemInfo/Illegal Birth, can download the CO client that bypasses those errors, by Corsairs Online post, from Billie. Such bugs like guild disappearing, igs, items not showing etc are fixed through source, and recompiling again.
  7. GOAT

    Log Tracking

    If you’re talking about skins, they’re all ripped from other games lmao.
  8. GOAT

    PKO 1.38 Addons

    These have extensions and will save some time finding them. SystemFlood CallSync FaceBug Dupe Server Exe Crash Level Jump Pet Poss Bug with Cloaks etc Also something I just released an hour ago: You can see the addons I've done with these here too.
  9. GOAT

    Log Tracking

    This thread post will be used to indicate logs that have weird Chinese alias such as for example: JingLian_ShiBai which correlates to Forging Now in logs you will see if you have "LG" it will generate a file called JingLian_ShiBai.log when you open it, you will see something perhaps that indicates that a player has forged such gems on items but you have no information on what was used nor what gem level etc. Upon playing around, I have made my own I guess you could say, translated to English and more comprehensive/ easier to read. What is the use of this? For example, if the server disconnects or crashes, or rolls back, this is able to help you find if a player is lying about what + or what gem was forged in their equipment. Changed Log name from JingLian_ShiBai.log -> Forging.log Before <- Showed only Player Name, Item ID, success forge Now -> Shows Player Name, Shows the Level/Name of "Gem" used, Shows the Level/Name of "Refining Gem", Shows ItemID/Name and Shows the final + Item has become. Results: Installation: Inspiration: I played a few games where they announced to the whole server of what a player has enchanted etc, so I brought it to TOP Note: This is currently using GMNotice, if you do not have it or you do not want it to announce to the whole server of what a player has forge, you can just Comment it out. Go to forge.lua Find the function - function begin_forge_item(...) Replace or add whatever you want from this -- Notice("Forging completed") local cha_name = GetChaDefaultName ( role ) local Item_Jinglian_name = GetItemName ( ItemID_Jinglian ) LG( "JingLian_ShiBai" , "Player"..cha_name.."Forging successful"..Item_Jinglian_name ) With -- Notice("Forging completed") local cha_name = GetChaDefaultName ( role ) local Item_Jinglian_name = GetItemName ( ItemID_Jinglian ) local ItemBag_Jinglian = ItemBag [0] local Item_Jinglian = GetChaItem ( role , 2 , ItemBag_Jinglian ) local Jinglian_Lv = 0 Jinglian_Lv = GetItem_JinglianLv ( Item_Jinglian ) Jinglian_Lv = Jinglian_Lv -- Jinglianshi_Lv Identifies the level of ref gem you are trying to forge. -- Stone1_Lv identifies the level of the gem you are trying to forge. local Gem_Level = Jinglian_Lv --The + of the equipment local GemName = GetItemName(ItemID_Stone1) --Calls the Gem Name local GemName2 = GetItemName(ItemID_Stone2) --Calls the Ref Name LG( "Forging" , "Player: ["..cha_name.."] used level ["..Stone1_Lv.."] ["..GemName.."] and level ["..Jinglianshi_Lv.."] ["..GemName2.."] on the item ["..Item_Jinglian_name.."] and it became +["..Gem_Level.."]") SystemNotice( role , "Forging successed! ["..Item_Jinglian_name.."] has become: +["..Gem_Level.."]") GMNotice("["..cha_name.."] forged level ["..Stone1_Lv.."] ["..GemName.."] and level ["..Jinglianshi_Lv.."] ["..GemName2.."] on ["..Item_Jinglian_name.."] and successfully enchanted to: +["..Gem_Level.."]")
  10. Client Skins for sell [SOLD AS IS] Credits: SPO/PO A color scheme can be requested, but will take time. Price: $50 SPO Theme'd (Modified for Corsairs Online, with extenstions) Price: $50 SPO+PO Theme'd (1.3x) Price: $50 PO Theme'd (1.3x)
  11. GOAT

    target map cannot be reached

    Make sure this says Connected and not Try... (GameServer)
  12. Thead has been updated with a new Server File.