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  1. FruitJuice

    Basic Server needs for beginners

    I recommend starting on fresh files, and add your own custom items, because if you're using other custom files, you will have a lot of things you don't need/want + you will not be able to (undo/remove) if you have no experience.
  2. FruitJuice


    Where's the release man =/ CO didn't release.
  3. FruitJuice


    Read my first reply.
  4. FruitJuice


    Ya'll some little kids lmao.
  5. FruitJuice


  6. FruitJuice


    Damn, yagura/Zombrax you guys are like little kids. I guess that's why Redemption has been launched yet. Something I hate about this community is, there's fake admins like you changing profile just so people can hand you money and shit. Why don't you guys just be real with people and your players. Stop putting on fake smiles for some quick cash.
  7. FruitJuice

    Lone Tower - Instance

    I'm assuming if you are using KONG's LT. There were a few mobs, spawning outside the map area (Don't recall which floor). Another bug that was known was spawning of members, where 1 of the members if full party, would not be able to move, and spawned in a certain spot near their team. (Don't recall which floor). Overall, nice edition.
  8. FruitJuice

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Seems to me like it’s a glow item slot. As Kong said, just visualize how you want players to see it. I believe this was unfinished, but if you spend some time thinking, it works similar to wings, with effects showing. Just deprive from item slot.
  9. FruitJuice

    Game Wont Start

    I think it’s something to do with Windows Service Pack or hardware issue as I can recall a player having this issue.
  10. FruitJuice

    Physilis Crusader Server

  11. FruitJuice

    Community Source Code Development

    Npc Dialogue Base: Normal default color - Dark Blue Use: It can be helpful for players when reading options before clicking. Open Game.exe with any Hex-editor Look for 0xFF0000AF Address: Replace: Value with any R,G,B value you wish. -> Must convert and reverse order Final Result: Change hover color to other color
  12. FruitJuice

    PKO 1.38 Addons

    Pm me your team view info if you have TV. Edit: Solved, faulty : Program generated unaccepted string. Applied Notepad++.
  13. FruitJuice

    PKO 1.38 Addons

    If you changed only the gems at +27 Script, then you are not referring to the correct script of the item. Sure it shows that error, but you mis-edit somewhere else. If you can't find it, I suggest posting the gem script, or replacing ItemEffect.lua (Assuming you didn't edit anything else).
  14. FruitJuice

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    I guess I would have no idea then, I would assist in teamviewer, but in my opinion, working on these files are a waste of time they are nice for display, but without the ORIGINAL owners its sort of a bitter taste. Though the Server executable s are valuable, but require some fixing.