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  1. Selling ItemHint function 100% works, or trading for Wheel System or Ranking Chaos Points. Selling PKO Style for web, Like this : http://sodpirates.online/ ripping by me.
  2. website problem

    lol, open ur database and see the password to that account
  3. NPC & Monsters List

    Yep, ik but Zero files is not 2.x yeah ? and u know if this is possible put in 1.3x?
  4. NPC & Monsters List

    Oh :c Feels bad
  5. NPC & Monsters List

    Hi guys, i'm looking for this scripts to show NPC and Monsters list, i see that in FoxLv and Zero of the world. if u guys know how to put it and can help me, i will be grateful.
  6. ToP 2 Launcher

    Tell us/me how u did it<3
  7. ToP 2 Launcher

    I can change the skin in this launcher?
  8. Portal Maps

    @Angelix Sell it
  9. Select Char Scene

    Someone know how to change this scene?
  10. Erro Database Monsters/Itens

    Will work with xampp 1.7.3+ cuz need php version 5.4+