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  1. Julio

    [Request] Sceneobjinfo Limit on 1.3x

    EDIT: I made new tests, I really think this will not involve
  2. Julio

    [Request] Sceneobjinfo Limit on 1.3x

    Increasing will cause Game.exe to overload ... according to the playing time of players NPC Items and Structures "lgo" and "dds" will also be invisible
  3. Julio

    stall gold limit

  4. Julio

    stall gold limit

    Please Offset 1.36 <3
  5. Julio


    The error was on the cloak. I modified it. function cloak.getCloakLv(item) local getLv = GetItemAttr(item, 55); if(getLv ~= nil) then return getLv; elseif(IsPlayer(role) == 1) then if getLv > nil then return 0; end if getLv > 0 then return getLv; end return 0; end end for: cloak.getCloakLv = function(item) local getLv = GetItemAttr(item, 55); if(getLv ~= nil) then return getLv; end end
  6. Julio


    thank you so much @V3ct0r @Fisal Moha
  7. Julio


    I'm facing some problem I can not see error in my script so it's something overloaded on cha_timer has anyone had this problem? lua expand function [lua_isplayer] parameter number or type error!
  8. Julio

    Gameserver.exe to source code

    I tested with Reflexil + .NET Reflector and I did not succeed I find it impossible
  9. Julio

    client cant connect to server (VPS)

    VPS comes with Firewall disabled check your port in cfg
  10. Julio

    Finding texture file of specific monster

    888 Defoliate Pine Tree 4 6 139 0 1....... 139 for :animation / 139.lab model\character : 0139000000.lgo texture\character : 0139000000.bmp 0139000000 for model/texture if it is a custom monster you need the id in CharacterAction.tx
  11. Julio


    Dragon Pet - Mega.nz Stuffs - Mega.nz
  12. Julio

    Groupserver throws an error then closes

    [AccountServer] AcctEnable =1 //0:关闭AccountServer连接;1:打开AccountServer连接 Password =GroupServerAndor1 IP = Port =1978 Change in GroupServer.cfg: Port ="1656" for "1978"
  13. Julio

    PK Mode - HandleChat

  14. Julio

    PK Mode - HandleChat

    I really liked this conflict with V3ctor CTF