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    Basic Server needs for beginners

    omg this is the most helpful one! Can I ask if I can write anything in the "Instance ID" it was written there its MSSQLSERVER can I write my own?

    Basic Server needs for beginners

    Hello is there a thread/post about how to install MSSQL 2017 with Management Studio properly?
  3. Can I join your discord server sir? 

  4. do you have link for guide installing MSSQL 2017 properly? meant for creating tales of pirates private server?
  5. @deguix So MSSQL 2017 Express Core and this one? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssms/download-sql-server-management-studio-ssms?view=sql-server-2017
  6. As you suggested Mr. @V3ct0r I want to use MSSQL 2017 Express Edition. When i tried to download the installer what option should i pick here Express Core (294 MB): SQL Server Engine only Express Advanced (732 MB) SQL Server Engine, Full Text Services and Reporting Services LocalDB (46 MB): Lightweight version of Express Edition that runs in user mode.
  7. Bump. I'm sorry if it looks like a spam now. I added two more questions. Thank you
  8. omg this is very very helpful and I'm glad with you extending your help through teamviewer. What time and day can you possibly help me? and what timezone also. thank you very much @mkhzaleh
  9. Im so sorry but I dont think that's how easy it is. There should be options unchecked/checked or preparations to be done before installing little stuff that shouldn't be missed. I've tried it before just following google search results on how to install them and I end up having more problems. That's why Im kindly asking for known guides that exist that can show how to install it properly that is meant to be for creating TOP Private Server.
  10. If that's the case can you lead me to a guide you followed to install MSSQL 2019 properly for creating TOP 2.4 Private server? if its okay with you. @mkhzaleh
  11. @V3ct0r Have you tried it yourself sir? the MSSQL 2017 with Windows 10 64 bit? No problems at all? (I also do believe its better to use latest MSSQL as long as its compatible with the windows 10) If yes, can you lead me to a guide where I can follow to install MSSQL 2017 properly? If you would be generous to help. I saw mssql 2017 installation guide in youtube but I want to be sure its the right way and not find a lot of errors afterwards.
  12. Thank you for taking time to reply to my post. I'm a bit confused now. someone advised to use 2008 and another 2014 and you 2017. Hehehe can you be more specific why do you prefer more 2017? Sir @V3ct0r how about my other questions (2-4). If its fine with you
  13. I will do my best to research and learn about it. thanks