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  1. Brothers

    Add skills at Class Promotion.

    You are my hero! Thanks :) i rather choose the last option, have a nice weekend :)
  2. Brothers

    Add skills at Class Promotion.

    Hello guys, heres your favorite spammer again. I was wondering, i want people to do a quest before getting promotion. Is it possible i can put a HaveItem TakeItem into this, what will look like: Talk(1, "Hello! Choose your class:") Text(1, "Swordsman", GiveJobToCha, 1) TriggerCondition( 1, HasItem, 68, 1 ) TriggerAction( 1, TakeItem, 68,1 ) ?? Hope you guys still like to help =)
  3. Brothers

    TOP Private Servers now days

    This sounds really nice indeed. Like getting a sword or bow or what ever, and u keep playing with this weapon. And there would be quests to upgrade ur weapon. If your weapon is gemmed, the gems will stay :D
  4. Brothers

    TOP Private Servers now days

    @Satanwell that's what I'm doing right now, and maybe many more. I just love to put time in and really enjoy it. And if it works, if its nice, i might open for players. And indeed, maybe a little item for mall, who will keep server online. And ofc many events.
  5. Brothers

    TOP Private Servers now days

    Well, i always wanted to make my own server, and i had so many different thoughts of what people would love and keep playing. But first of all, it cost much time to invest, and i dont like to host a server to make money, i want people to have fun, not rob them.. And second, me and a friend, loves playing top, and other strategy games like Travian, who cost so much time, to be good.. Its unrealistic and not fun to play anymore... So i stopped making a server.. Until this week. I just love creating my server, just because i thought i never would be able to do it. And lots of stuff i still dont understand, or cant fix, but with PKODEV, i can reach the finishline. Right now i think its realistic for me, to open a server, what will be for everyone playable, for everyone fun, and not dead in a week. I think there are way to much vanilla server, with good ammounts of online players, to start my own, so my previous goal is not realistic to me, but i think everyone likes a server where items are easy, where farming better stuff keeps server alive, and many pk's for fun.. But im sure it will be hard to keep servers full and alive for months.
  6. Brothers

    [Game] Name A Country

    I think we have to make a new game, google only has suggestions who start and end with an A =(
  7. Brothers

    [Game] Name A Country

    Alaska =)
  8. Brothers

    Add skills at Class Promotion.

    Again guys, you both are amazing, i hope u both do know =) As a reflection to you both, you speak in an easy language, not just a few short words and difficult words, but clear! You guys make forums like this great! Thanks alot, - Ivy
  9. Brothers

    Add skills at Class Promotion.

    The only "bug" this add has, is that you are able to change class, even when you wear items. Like you are crus, wear dual swords.. Change class to Voy, and you still wear Swords. But i really enjoy it :)
  10. Brothers

    How did you know about our forum?

    Uhm, i guess from an old facebook friend, who had his own server, and wanted to help me create mine. =)
  11. Brothers

    No one will help you if you are not willing to pay?

    Well, i guess we all started from the bottom, and we all had question's. The most have the experience now adays, so they help the people who are new into this, like me. If had many questions allready, and for the most, its just an easy awnser, so it means nothing to them. Sometimes helping someone when he/she's struggling, it feels allready like a payment =) But, some people do need the money, and in this dark world, knowledge = money.. So if you wanna make cash out of this.. make people pay for your work. Sell your work in the session there, like @GOAT, he offers his work, on the way its ment to be.
  12. Nice, goodluck, i will follow the proces :)
  13. Brothers

    Add skills at Class Promotion.

    @V3ct0r & @mkhzaleh Wow, this is just what i needed! Thanks both! And @V3ct0r, i guess mkhzaleh has put in all the skills allready =) - Ivy
  14. Hello guys, instead of making a NPC where you can buy skills, i want to have a NPC give the character all the skills he could get. Like you go to NPC: Choose Class -> Crus -> You are cruss, with full skills.. I guess there isnt a difficult code for it, but couldnt find it yet. Maybe anyone can help me? - Ivy
  15. Brothers

    PKO 1.38 Files Add Ons

    Omg, i love this idea! Unsealed bow! But then should add unsealed singel handed swords for champ too =)