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  1. gainster81

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Edit: fixed
  2. gainster81

    Azure Microsoft Hosting, help please

    Abriste los puertos en el firewall?
  3. gainster81

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Hey, anyone got the client link? Thanks!
  4. gainster81

    125 skills

    Nope, used some of the the IDs between 160 and 180
  5. gainster81

    125 skills

    Hey guys, i jsust added the 125 skills to my server but when i try to learn them, some of them dont appear in the skills section, while others do. (i double click the skill, the book dissappears and the skill wont show in the section). Anyone know why? It is weird that some work and others dont. I replaced some lines from skilleff already to make sure all skills are in.
  6. gainster81

    Voy kylin effect not working

    changed it but now lighting bolt doesn't deal damage, is it possible?
  7. gainster81

    Voy kylin effect not working

    Hey guys, the kylin effect of giving 80% chance of lighting bolt (voyagers) to hit x2 isn't working. I know that the file that makes that is skilleffect. Anyone got the line to add or edit? i can't find it. Thanks in advance.
  8. gainster81

    Exp not working in server

    Hey guys. my exp is somehow disabled in my server. I can neither gain exp from the exp npc nor by killing mobs. Which file in the server files might be blocking the experience? Thanks
  9. gainster81

    PKO Base Files

    I already solved that. the problem i am having is when i try to create a char it says "Illegal birth place"
  10. gainster81

    PKO Base Files

    Hi, how can i attach those database with sql? i am using sql 2014. WHen using another database i cant connect to it when running the files
  11. gainster81

    Changing the birthplace problem

    Thanks for the info, do you know where i can find the avacado map file?
  12. Hey guys, i am trying to set up the avacado server fiels (the island server) and i am trying to set the island as the only spawn point. I have followed some guides out there, editing group server , birthplace (serversided) and stringset (client sided) but when i try to log in with any char i am having this problem: Is ther any solution?
  13. gainster81

    Good VPS recommendations?

    Hi guys, i am looking for a good VPS to replace the one i am currently paying. Which website is trustable and easy to set up the vps? I've read OVH is good but i checked it out and it seems the payment must be anualy without being able to pay each month. I am hosting a server with a small active community (10-15 people max). So i am planning on improving the vps to 8gb ram and 2cores (currently 4gb ram and 1core). Is that enough? Thanks
  14. gainster81

    PKO 1.38 Files Add Ons

    Oh, didn't know, my bad.
  15. gainster81

    PKO 1.38 Files Add Ons

    Hey, nice work!!! Is there any link to download the server files to try it out?