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    Corsairs Online - Official Launch

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  3. Hey, could you check DM ? Thank you..

  4. Hello everyone! We have the permission to use this Server Name & Files/Source thanks to @KONG Credits for the server goes to: Foxseiz, Billy, Wrexor, Mi, Ogge, and Kong Official Started 23rd August 2019! Website: http://corsairs-online.com/ Corsairs Online Medium <-> Hard Character Level Capped at: Lv 65 Gems Level Capped at: Lv 3 BD Gems Level Capped at: Lv 2 Fairy Level Capped at: Lv 40 Server Rates: Drop Rate -> 1x Solo-Exp -> 1.5x Party-Exp -> 1x Fairy-Growth -> 10x Ship-Exp -> 3x Note: As this server was under development for years and many of you already seen the features, i'll be sharing some interesting ones! Guild Bank: Allows you to store your items & money and share it with guild members if you give them access. Also you can complete random Quests given by Guild which can help you improve your Guild Attributes (Stats) and raise Guild Level! You are allowed to change guild Color & Make a Unique Emblem for ur Guild! Guild Leader can choose to give different Permissions to the Guild Members that he/she Trust: Theres also a Guild House (Map) for every Guild, which allows Guild Members (who has the Right Permissions) to edit their Guild Map with different Buildings New Game Setting that allows you to switch between High-Mid-Low performance and the stuff you want to see on your screen A new Tab for GM's and Blocked Players is added in-game GM Tab will show all the Admin's/GM's Online (When none of them is online, it wont show anythng) Blocked Players Tab allows players to block players in-game which ones will show there (By blocking them you won't see their PM's/World/Trade/Chats)! New Stall System - which allows you to Search for an Item without walking and searching each stall on your own, also you can exchange with another item of your choice! Gold Notes are simplier than ever, by just clicking a button you will get the amount that you want on Notes! Lock your Items, so none will be able to Trade/Delete/Drop if they don't know your security-code! Bags of Holding - Allows you to store items in there and save your Invertory/Bank Slots! You can change the name of the Bag to any name of your choice for free, so you will know what you have on each without opening it! Shared Bag of Holding - Gives 2 same Item, if you share with a friend then both of you will have the same item stored there, but if one of you takes it then it will disappear on the other one aswell. New - Better & Easier design of In-Game Mall Shop that will be like this: Gems will show their Level on their Icon, aswell as for items / Pets, like: You can see Player Ranking through game, you are able to see their Rank Number / Name / Level / Class like: Skill Books will now show their full description like shown on the picture below: This is just a few of them, alot of more features you'll see after you start playing! Website: http://corsairs-online.com/ Our Discord Channel is: https://discord.gg/F9mdzzH Our Facebook Page is: https://www.facebook.com/corsairsonlineofficial/ Enjoy!