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  1. you're wrong. Here are thing where people help for free if they know how to fix issue or something, if people don't know so they won't submit any reply it's logic i think, but there're things as CPF or SWING systems and much more and you need pay for it but i think if you bought it and there'll be any problems then fix of it is free from developer of system... So You're wrong Bro
  2. blazi10

    What Tales of Pirates on Unity3d would look like

    looks awesome for me, i would see a server based on it, but sure that wont be nostalgic anymore but i think it's more friendly for eyes and is up to graphic what is required now, +ToP2 skin remake for more realistic, 3d effect... i really would see that in future
  3. blazi10

    I can not fuse. HELP ME PLEASE !!

    just try change "5000" on example 8000 but it may not work correct, so best way is put equipment id less than 5000
  4. blazi10

    I can not fuse. HELP ME PLEASE !!

    Forge.lua look these lines: and change all items below id 5000 is able to fuse, higher is not so just change limit and it may help you
  5. blazi10

    Question about character movement.

    you need hex ur game.exe @V3ct0r is able to do it i think
  6. blazi10

    pko 1.3x skin converted to .jpg

    i dont want use it on jpg, I need it converted to jpg because i want edit them
  7. blazi10

    Npc not appear

    maybe you do not have textures&model for the new "monster"/"npc" in ur client
  8. blazi10

    I got 5 question

    use IP changer tool compress it in winrar or use program for making installer.exe "?????" you see when you use illegal words
  9. blazi10

    Chat Background

    look in client /texture/ui - i dont remember file name because im using ui2008
  10. blazi10

    Add hotkey above F bar

    you mean this?
  11. Hello, anyone have full pko 1.3x client skin converted to .jpg and can share?
  12. blazi10

    PKO Base Files

    It is working? or need hex game.exe?
  13. blazi10

    use item= open trade

    i would know if is possible make item which after usage opening "BuyPage" if is possible then please tell me how to do it
  14. blazi10

    increase skilleff limit

    So trying increase skilleff limit is losing time? And wont work?
  15. blazi10

    increase skilleff limit

    do you know which line i need hex? game.exe ver. 1.36, i cant find adress for this game.exe in forum