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  1. DangThao

    Adding improved pet fruits

    Try to check ur lua_err in log folder, see what error it gives you
  2. DangThao

    I need someone to develop equipment

    check guide section for these stuff u request. Most stuff u need like that should be in the guide section
  3. Any pko 1.39 EN released?

  4. DangThao

    World and trade chats

    Check groupserver.cfg for: [chat] MaxChatNumPerPlayer = 30 maxPlayerPerChat = 50 WorldInterval = 60 TradeInterval = 300 ToYouInterval = 2 WorldFee = 1000 WorldFeeInterval = 1000
  5. Hello u can help me?

  6. DangThao

    Help Me Portal Chaos

    See the -- ? before the words specific portal time to open U need the -- in order to load it correctly or else lua gonna read the text specific portal time to open which will give u error
  7. DangThao

    Help Me Portal Chaos

    make sure u do: function can_open_entry_garner2( map ) --Specific portal time to open local hour = os.date ("%H") instead of : function can_open_entry_garner2( map ) Specific portal time to open local hour = os.date ("%H")
  8. DangThao

    Land Fishing - Sea Sources

    OOP fishing system and their fishes are awesome if u're doing land fishing or sea fishing (normal) with addons of their fishes.
  9. DangThao

    Poss Bug (PKO 1.36(2.0) EN Base Files)

    Check skilleffect.lua I remembered there is something wrong in "function State_JLFT_Add ( role , sklv )" After i changed the whole "function State_JLFT_Add ( role , sklv )" it works.
  10. DangThao

    Exchanger NPC when Hover on item

    Take ur time no one's in a hurry =P
  11. DangThao

    Add skills at Class Promotion.

    You can do custom code like the one npc give all skill(class get their skills upon clicking) with a little tweak you can trigger to do like that. Inside the code you should do multiple one and make it check for profession of 1st job. Ex. Swordsman > Crusader Explorer > Voyager and so on.... When they click the one they want, it will setprofession on it and give skill. (not sure if work but this should be one way for it)
  12. DangThao

    Exchanger NPC when Hover on item

    Cool! Waiting patiently...
  13. DangThao

    Phyllis Crusader - Dual Sword bug

    Fixed and working.
  14. DangThao

    Phyllis Crusader - Dual Sword bug

    @V3ct0r i followed what you said but it still didnt work. Anything else is needed beside characterinfo and characteraction.tx? Also i've tried: -use a working phyllis crus client and use that to launch the game but still didnt work after add ,38 to phyllis line in characterinfo -thought it was the dual weapon skill (compared)but see nothing different Anything else?