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  1. DangThao

    Lua Function - Sceneeffectinfo

    @Rinor then why not just make the effect into iteminfo playeffect such as those wing effect(roso should got it). Each iteminfo line has a different glow effect on it. This way u just use the hasitem and takeitem to switch the item back and forth. This is the only way to do it otherwise you can't without do it like bbring effect.
  2. DangThao

    Lua Function - Sceneeffectinfo

    Do know that if you put the playeeffect role in cha_timer it will fking spam your effect. If u want to do change effect whenever they equip/unequip then use like bbring style. This way is better. But if u're doing like playeffect in itemuse (it will only play once in this case)or change item id according to something like npcscript code: if hasitem = blahblah then open bbring effect selection page num, if the player doesnt have any effect id in their inventory then it doesnt do anything so it just show a different page when they talk to the NPC. But the bbring is the best way to do. NPCscript is fine but it's up to you =P. I remembered SPO by @Sultan use data store, which it will change the effect automatic (register data, retrieve data, swap effect).
  3. DangThao

    Web View ItemID (item mall)

    As you can see i've shown two pictures, seems like you don't understand. IDK what else to explain 'cause it's so simple. I want when you buy the item it takes you to award&buy=1 (which is picture one) """""""""""""BUT""""""""""""""" i want when it takes you to award&buy=1, it will be like picture 2 instead.
  4. Hey guys! How to make the below TO: when it takes you to that award&buy=1 It will be like: If you know how, please let me know.
  5. DangThao

    Bug Exp

    post ur amp script
  6. DangThao

    Bug Exp

    Try to changed your exp_and_lv to a clean one see if it works, if it does then use the new one and re-add what u've added one by one and u will see where the problem is. once u know where is it u can use ur and just fix the error that bug exp.
  7. DangThao


    In iteminfo find the fruit u want to increase the pet level while using the fruit and find the itemuse_blahblah near at the end of the iteminfo line for that pet fruit then go to itemeffect.lua of that itemuse_blahblah and look for something like: ItemUse_LS_longguo then go to function.lua and find ItemUse_LS_longguo and scroll until you see if Item_type == 58 and Item_Traget_Type == 59 then Check_Exp = CheckElf_EXP ( role , Item_Traget ) --¾«ÁéexpÊÇ·ñÂú×ãÉý¼¶Ìõ¼þ if Check_Exp == 0 then SystemNotice(role , "Growth rate is not full. Unable to feed pet with Snow Dragon Fruit" ) UseItemFailed ( role ) else Lvup_Str ( role , Item_Num , Item_Traget ) --¸ù¾Ý¾ßÌåµÀ¾ßÑ¡Ôñ²»Í¬ÊôÐԵijɳ¤º¯Êý ( ÀýÖÐΪstr ) end end then find Lvup_Str ( role , Item_Num , Item_Traget ) and u will see something like: function Lvup_Str ( role , Item_Num ,Item_Traget ) local attr_type = ITEMATTR_VAL_STR --SystemNotice(role ,attr_type ) Elf_LvUp ( role , Item_Num , Item_Traget , attr_type ) end Then find Elf_LvUp ( role , Item_Num , Item_Traget , attr_type ) and u will see something like this: function Elf_LvUp ( role , Item_Num , Item_Traget , attr_type ) -- local str = GetItemAttr( Item_Traget ,ITEMATTR_VAL_STR ) --Á¦Á¿ local con = GetItemAttr( Item_Traget ,ITEMATTR_VAL_CON ) --ÌåÖÊ local agi = GetItemAttr( Item_Traget ,ITEMATTR_VAL_AGI ) --רע local dex = GetItemAttr( Item_Traget ,ITEMATTR_VAL_DEX ) --Ãô½Ý local sta = GetItemAttr( Item_Traget ,ITEMATTR_VAL_STA ) --¾«Éñ local Elf_MaxEXP = GetItemAttr(Item_Traget,ITEMATTR_MAXENERGY) local Elf_MaxURE = GetItemAttr(Item_Traget,ITEMATTR_MAXURE) local Lv = str + agi + dex + con + sta local attr_type_num = GetItemAttr( Item_Traget ,attr_type ) local a = 1 / ( math.floor ( ( 1 + ( math.pow ( ( Lv / 10 ) , 3 ) ) ) * 10 ) / 10 * math.max ( 0.01 ,( 1 - attr_type_num * 0.05 ) ) ) if Lv >= 40 then ***Max pet level, if pet level is higher than 40 then it can no longer be feed this fruit until you got a fruit that has this 40 to something like 100 then u can use the fruit that is 100 to continue your feeding But do know that there is a math for the pet leveling system which can fail too. See the a = 1 / ( math.floor ( ( 1 + ( math.pow ( ( Lv / 10 ) , 3 ) ) ) * 10 ) / 10 ) * math.max ( 0.01 ,( 1 - attr_type_num * 0.05 ) ) --This is a math for the pet, if u want to feed 100% then just do a = 1 and remove the / blablahblah from it end local b = Percentage_Random ( a ) local item_energe = GetItemAttr( Item_Traget ,ITEMATTR_ENERGY ) --È¡¾«Áé³É³¤¶È --local item_maxenerge = GetItemAttr( Item_Traget ,ITEMATTR_MAXENERGY ) --È¡¾«Áé³É³¤¶È×î´óÖµ if b == 1 then --³É³¤ÔòÔö¼ÓÊôÐÔ£¬¿Û³ýËùÓгɳ¤Öµ -- ITEMATTR_ENERGY AddItemEffect(role , Item_Traget , 0 ) item_energe = 0 SystemNotice (role , "Pet level up successfully! Growth rate is depleted") attr_type_num = attr_type_num + 1 SetItemAttr ( Item_Traget , attr_type , attr_type_num ) local Item_MAXENERGY = 240 * ( Lv + 1 ) if Item_MAXENERGY > 6480 then Item_MAXENERGY = 6480 end If you want to be able to feed to 100 then change the 40 to 100 but do note that if people feed to 99 and use a fruit +2(if u enable the +2 fruit to be able to feed to 100 too then they can feed that +2) fruit on to the pet that is lv99 and make it pet lv101.
  8. DangThao

    Sea Bug

    Maybe tells people how u fixed it so this question wont be asks around
  9. DangThao

    Npc teleporter creat

    Post your script here.
  10. DangThao

    Land Fishing - Sea Sources

    Look at OOP server file, they got custom fishes and lot more.
  11. DangThao

    Searching for a graphic designer

    I recommended @alias or Kamis because they never use online stuff. LOok at all the things they've done so far. Their rendering and such are PROFESSIONAL. While most of us developer use multiple picture to merge to make one. Some just use a single picture they found on google and just add a logo on it. Not my intention to hurt anyone who did this. Just saying.
  12. function ItemUse_BZ ( role , Item ) local Now_Day = os.date("%d") local Now_Month = os.date("%m") local Now_Time = os.date("%H") local NowTimeNum = tonumber(Now_Time) local NowDayNum = tonumber(Now_Day) local NowMonthNum = tonumber(Now_Month) local CheckDateNum = NowMonthNum * 10000 + NowDayNum * 100 + NowTimeNum local Cha_Boat = GetCtrlBoat ( role ) -- SystemNotice( role , Cha_Boat ) if Cha_Boat ~= nil then SystemNotice( role , "Cannot use while sailing" ) UseItemFailed ( role ) return end local item_id = GetItemID ( Item ) if item_id ==3077 then PlayEffect(role,370 ) elseif item_id==3344 then PlayEffect( role, 370 ) elseif item_id==3345 then PlayEffect(role , 361) elseif item_id==3346 then PlayEffect(role,362) elseif item_id ==3347 then PlayEffect(role,363) elseif item_id==3348 then PlayEffect(role,364) elseif item_id==3349 then PlayEffect(role,365) elseif item_id==3350 then PlayEffect(role,366) elseif item_id==3351 then PlayEffect(role,367) elseif item_id==3352 then PlayEffect(role,368) elseif item_id==3353 then PlayEffect(role,369) elseif item_id==3354 then PlayEffect(role,354) elseif item_id==3355 then PlayEffect(role,355) elseif item_id==3356 then PlayEffect(role,356) end end
  13. DangThao

    Some portals problem

    Check your entry, make sure it uses SetMapEntryEntiID in entry to able to see the portal effect. Also, make sure u run the map in your gameserver.
  14. DangThao

    [help] GM Command does not work

    Make sure you enable gm (supercmd) in gameserver and gameserver running properly with a account lv99 GM (not character level).
  15. DangThao

    Gem Drop Shining

    Is it possible to add this manually (gem drop glowing effect)? or need extract from that client is the only way?