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  1. DangThao

    Npc teleporter creat

    Post your script here.
  2. DangThao

    Land Fishing - Sea Sources

    Look at OOP server file, they got custom fishes and lot more.
  3. DangThao

    Searching for a graphic designer

    I recommended @alias or Kamis because they never use online stuff. LOok at all the things they've done so far. Their rendering and such are PROFESSIONAL. While most of us developer use multiple picture to merge to make one. Some just use a single picture they found on google and just add a logo on it. Not my intention to hurt anyone who did this. Just saying.
  4. function ItemUse_BZ ( role , Item ) local Now_Day = os.date("%d") local Now_Month = os.date("%m") local Now_Time = os.date("%H") local NowTimeNum = tonumber(Now_Time) local NowDayNum = tonumber(Now_Day) local NowMonthNum = tonumber(Now_Month) local CheckDateNum = NowMonthNum * 10000 + NowDayNum * 100 + NowTimeNum local Cha_Boat = GetCtrlBoat ( role ) -- SystemNotice( role , Cha_Boat ) if Cha_Boat ~= nil then SystemNotice( role , "Cannot use while sailing" ) UseItemFailed ( role ) return end local item_id = GetItemID ( Item ) if item_id ==3077 then PlayEffect(role,370 ) elseif item_id==3344 then PlayEffect( role, 370 ) elseif item_id==3345 then PlayEffect(role , 361) elseif item_id==3346 then PlayEffect(role,362) elseif item_id ==3347 then PlayEffect(role,363) elseif item_id==3348 then PlayEffect(role,364) elseif item_id==3349 then PlayEffect(role,365) elseif item_id==3350 then PlayEffect(role,366) elseif item_id==3351 then PlayEffect(role,367) elseif item_id==3352 then PlayEffect(role,368) elseif item_id==3353 then PlayEffect(role,369) elseif item_id==3354 then PlayEffect(role,354) elseif item_id==3355 then PlayEffect(role,355) elseif item_id==3356 then PlayEffect(role,356) end end
  5. DangThao

    Some portals problem

    Check your entry, make sure it uses SetMapEntryEntiID in entry to able to see the portal effect. Also, make sure u run the map in your gameserver.
  6. DangThao

    [help] GM Command does not work

    Make sure you enable gm (supercmd) in gameserver and gameserver running properly with a account lv99 GM (not character level).
  7. DangThao

    Gem Drop Shining

    Is it possible to add this manually (gem drop glowing effect)? or need extract from that client is the only way?
  8. DangThao

    Registration Site using Hamachi

    Htdocs>templates>sidebar>left.tpl or right.tpl depend what u wanna edit. If you wanna edit other pages, it'll be in htdocs>templates>pages and you look for the page you want to edit there.
  9. Maybe KONG might got it too since he also got file's that none of us got too. Maybe just Kong and Zankza got those stuff ATM.
  10. DangThao

    Registration Site using Hamachi

    Good to know. Enjoy!
  11. DangThao

    Registration Site using Hamachi

    If running in xampp and u're doing hamachi, why not use old xampp 1.7.1? We mainly use that or Zend (this is better ofc)
  12. DangThao

    skill book editing

    Check f-skill books on Lucky's Archive : https://mega.nz/#F!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g!KcdVQK6a Try use that as a guide and see if it works. You might need to duplicate Black Dragon fireball code and rename to your own. Also don't forget to change the whole skillinfo.txt line code required for the skill to whatever you renamed the copy Black Dragon Fireball function. If not work, reply back here.
  13. DangThao

    Registration Site using Hamachi

    Is that the user and passed u used when you attached your database? if so, should works. Also, try replace ur hamachi ip to '(local)'. What Xampp version are you using? some are not working properly.
  14. DangThao

    Registration Site using Hamachi

    U use zend or xampp? either way, just extract a website template into your htdocs folder in zend or xampp. Then open includes folder > inc.config and find the database connection stuff. Ex: $config['db']['game'] = array( 'host' => '(local)', 'db' => 'gamedb', 'user' => 'sa', 'pass' => '' ); $config['db']['account'] = array( 'host' => '(local)', 'db' => 'accountserver', 'user' => 'sa', 'pass' => '' ); Configure host (local) to your hamachi ip so it will be => 'yourHamachiIP' db = your database name for gamedb (usually gamedb unless you called it something else) user = the user you attach the database as. pass = the pass that you made or assigned to the user (most people use passgen.exe to generate a custom password) That should be all. Try and see if it works.
  15. DangThao

    Registration script with rankings

    htdocs folder in xampp or apache htdocs in zend.