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  1. Registration script with rankings

    htdocs folder in xampp or apache htdocs in zend.
  2. Client Crashes everytime i rellog

    Good to know. When we first developed servers, there are no crashes like this but not sure why nowaday u either have to hex your game.exe to make the .mp3 music works without crashing or use .ogg music file. If you know how to fix using the .mp3 is nice but since most of us don't we like the easier way (.ogg music w/ musicinfo.bin of .ogg).
  3. Client Crashes everytime i rellog

    Check one of the topic in the question section, we've already discussed this in there. Mostly it's that. It doesn't matter what you do. If you don't have the proper stuff it will just crash or freeze everytime you do something in game. Try that see if it works.
  4. [Request] Game.exe and GS.exe iteminfo address

    GG lmao. @Ximboliex that's ur old thread . @V3ct0r =P
  5. [Request] Game.exe and GS.exe iteminfo address

    I think i saw V3ct0r replied to someone's post about those or not. @V3ct0r a little help here?
  6. Player Marriage Help me!!

    I think he doesnt have stuff in the SDK file, so when he triggered the npc with a function for player marriage or the ring thinging, which it directs you to the ValentineRing or something and he might be missing that code which show him this error. Player marriage needs a lot of stuff. I suggest take player marriage from a working server file (player marriage and took it from there.)
  7. Еще один форум

    That forum is less useless than this one, most developers are here nowaday. If you want more guide, you just have to download the serverdev archives and use that along with Pkodev.
  8. Can anyone of you write a code, to Limit Connections per IP? and can someone write a code to make a time DELAY between a connection and another, like if you try to make many connections at the same time you will get denied? Can someone create a code to limit the maximum number of packets sent per second per IP ? Thanks all for your help, i expect to see some codes, Thanks guys !
  9. Vip set

    use CSVed if you dont know which column is the right one. You want to make your vip set to be a apparel? Copy some apparel line and replace id, itemname, texture name for 1 2 3 4(these are texture for lance, carcise, phyllis ami) If you use CSVed you will see.
  10. I got 5 question

    Question 2: Find a clean guild data.sql and run it in ur SQL. Maybe because your database got those weird guildname letters. Whcih will result ???? if it's not in its right language. Question 4: you can do's how i do for VPS on server side but web side; i do vps ip or (local) or sql name). You can use a simple patch like pko 1.36 patch and put ip changer in it and change it then delete it ip changer and gave them the patch (You can remove any texture or model stuff). I think you only need what's inside the scripts>txt and script > table stuff.
  11. I got 5 question

    U compile the ip changer and it will changed all setting for connection. Upload ur client>script folder and give to people. They will need to extract into their client>>script folder and replace all (there's easier way if you want to hide your connection vps IP but too lazy to explain). Check your database for guild. See how it is. 3rd..how to make my client become installer -There's a program you can make your client into a installer. Just gotta google it xD.
  12. LVL JUMP problem

    Mainly depend on ur monster giveexp amount, ur solo/team exp rate, and ur characterlvup exp formula.
  13. How to forge +27 item fast

    Use cheat engine locally to speed up forge or make an item that give item +27 according to his/her class.
  14. BD mobs

    Something is bugging try play with ur client. Maybe it's client or File. Usually u should be able to click on target if in a PKable map.
  15. CA Balance

    Okay thanks, ill try.