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  1. DangThao

    Add skills at Class Promotion.

    You can do custom code like the one npc give all skill(class get their skills upon clicking) with a little tweak you can trigger to do like that. Inside the code you should do multiple one and make it check for profession of 1st job. Ex. Swordsman > Crusader Explorer > Voyager and so on.... When they click the one they want, it will setprofession on it and give skill. (not sure if work but this should be one way for it)
  2. DangThao

    Exchanger NPC when Hover on item

    Cool! Waiting patiently...
  3. DangThao

    Phyllis Crusader - Dual Sword bug

    Fixed and working.
  4. DangThao

    Phyllis Crusader - Dual Sword bug

    @V3ct0r i followed what you said but it still didnt work. Anything else is needed beside characterinfo and characteraction.tx? Also i've tried: -use a working phyllis crus client and use that to launch the game but still didnt work after add ,38 to phyllis line in characterinfo -thought it was the dual weapon skill (compared)but see nothing different Anything else?
  5. DangThao

    Need a teacher

    ฉันบอกคุณว่าฉันสามารถช่วยคุณได้ แต่เมื่อฉัน msg คุณไม่ตอบกลับจากคุณ -Sorry for thai translation since i no longer study thai. Born in Thailand but grown up in America.
  6. DangThao

    Increase rate with cmd

    Check the guide or question section, someone already did a auto rating in server with lua command to enable or disable the rates.
  7. DangThao

    Auto Rates

    does the automatic trigger system works for this? like check for day and hours then enabled double exp.
  8. DangThao

    xampp, website upload problem

    Disabled your firewall and see what happens after that or recheck your configurations for the connection.
  9. DangThao

    How to change MID?

    MID is used to called the deadmonster id and this can be placed inside your server file > resource > script > calculate > exp_and_level.lua; find function GetExp_New(dead , atk ) and place it near the end of this function.
  10. DangThao

    I want to know where all this map is.

    @flamyman1412 got Discord? If so, add me in discord @Fu Xi#0048
  11. DangThao

    I want to know where all this map is.

    check your serverfile > resources for all the available maps in your server(mapinfo.txt should list the map too). If you can't run a map(in gameserver.cfg ex.map = garner2 ) that is in your resource folder then you might have to add it manually. Check birth_conf for certain map name or scriptdefine.
  12. DangThao

    How do I change my quest name?

    Try to check client lua of the ui clu file stuff. If not there then try check game.exe
  13. DangThao

    Change the details of the item.

    @flamyman1412 you thai? PKO in TH? Might be nice but quite a lot of translations and so. You might wanna ask RU people here cause they were able to get most or all en/chinese text to be RU.
  14. DangThao

    Newbie Skill

    I didn't test so idk if it works. Hopefully it works for you though.