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  1. bro add me in discord plz UnStopable

  2. djfox292

    Mentor Discipe

    hi , may u plz help me ?
  3. djfox292

    Need a help in my server

    when i try to teleport, i get "please wait teleporting" but it doesnt teleport me it keeps showing 2- maps wont work ,but they works in sql 3- plz if anyone can help me text me in Discord : UnStopable #7706 @ThanksAlot.
  4. djfox292

    Gameserver closes instantly *fixed*

    Thanks alot @V3ct0r, never knew i had to use an encrypted password.
  5. Accountserver, Groupserver, and Gateserver are working and can be launched. But, when i try to launch Gameserver, I see the console for a moment but then it closes without any error messages. Can anyone help please?